Do You Know Which Countries Disney Princesses Come From?

Don’t let the American accent fool you. If you’ve never given much thought to which countries Disney princesses come from, you’d be surprised how near a land far, far away actually is.

#1 Snow White


Home: Germany

There was some speculation that Snow was Dutch, but there aren’t any castles in Netherlands.

#2 Cinderella


Home: France

Ahead of the shoe trends with those glass slippers, how fitting (or in this case, not fitting).

#3 Ariel


Home: Denmark

A ginger in Denmark.

#4 Belle

Belle-and-the-beastHome: France

That villain’s name was Gaston, after all.

#5 Princess Jasmine


Home: Arabia

Agrabah’s palace resembles the Taj Mahal, but it’s a fictional city set in Arabia.

#6 Mulan


Home: China

What gave it away?

A land far, far away.

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