5 Nomads on Their Worst Valentine’s

We asked, you answered! Here are our Nomads’ worst stories to make you feel better about your V-day plans (or lack thereof, we don’t judge!).

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1. If you think a romantic trip, a dinner date, and flowers would guarantee a perfect Valentine’s…think again.

It was a long distance relationship for 6 years and on our 6th V-day, I travelled to meet him to celebrate Valentine’s together. We had nice dinner, he bought me my favourite tulips, and even handmade V-Day gift with poem about our relationship. On the same night itself, we didn’t argue but he asked to break up. That was my worse Valentine’s Day. Since then I don’t dare to celebrate Valentine’s Day. – Anonymous

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2. That awkward moment when your plus one has a plus one.

Found out my-then fiancé cheated on me 2 days before Valentine’s Day – @illyssale

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3. When you get a Valentine’s Day confession—but it’s the wrong kind.

I was dating this Chinese guy for a while. It was the kind of love that is so fleeting. We were both so in love with each other, a love that’s so pure. One Valentine’s Day, we planned a date out. I bought a dress, new shoes, new bag, the whole outfit. I even put on nice make up. It was a working day and I was so excited I was telling my colleagues all about it early that morning. He was supposed to pick me up from work at 6:30pm. At 4pm he sent me a message telling me he won’t be able to go and that he’s breaking up. Caught me completely by surprise. He said his parents were threatening him that they will disown him if he pushed through his relationship with me. All because I’m not Chinese. It all happened in a couple of texts. Not even a phone call. And never heard from his since. Took me more than a year to get over it and be okay with what happened. Definitely the worst Valentine’s Day. – Anonymous

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4. It’s not always about romantic love, either.

When my grandpa died on valentines day 💔💔💔 – @eych25

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5. For some, the worst story is that there is none.

Haven’t even been in a relationship long enough to get a Valentine’s date 😢😢 – @donejtdone

Bonus: No matter how bad it gets, just remember to steer clear from the illegal activities, ok?

You don’t need a Valentine to have a good time. Let’s go!

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