5 Must-Try Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

#1 Sea Hag Restaurant

Dat lobster.
Dat lobster.

What: The road lining Patong Beach is littered with many a seafood resto, but the one you should stop at is really the Sea Hag. Armed with an arsenal of huge tiger prawns, an extensive Aussie wine list and a gay (literally and metaphorically) atmosphere, it’s a lively, yummy place to be.

To order: The seafood platter for starters and heaps of them tiger prawns.

#2 Kan Eang 2

All prettied up and vying for your affection.
All prettied up and vying for your affection. Image: Willy Thuan

What: Straight from the Andaman Sea to your plate, it’s Phuket’s shining beacon of exemplary seafood. It’s family-friendly, has great views along the Chalong Bay, with a slew of crustaceans for you to choose from.

To order: The crab curry.

#3 Lotus Restaurant

Fine dining, great food are usually not in the same sentence, but here you are.
Fine dining and great food are usually not in the same sentence, but here you are.

What: It used to be all open-air and nondescript, but this local seafood king has since risen to fame and with it, came a facelift. Soft candlelight illuminates the private dining area that is surrounded by glass walls, wood furniture and the fresh produce that has made its name.

To order: The BBQ Lobster.

#4 Kru Suwit

Catch so fresh, it's still in the net.
Catch so fresh, it’s still in the net.

What: Almost everything floats on a boat in Phuket, and here’s an excellent example. A floating restaurant built between Phuket Island and Maphrao Island. There’s not a hint of pretentiousness in this ridiculously famous eatery though; everything is down to earth, or should we say, sea.

To order: Point at whatever catches your eye in the nets. Grouper, blue crabs and moray eels are all well and good.

#5 Mor Mu Dong

Your table, m'am.
Your table, ma’am. Image: Willy Thuan

What: This one’s a bit of a hipster find, but it’s well worth the trouble to get there. Known best with the locals, Mor Mu Dong is all mangrove, concrete tables, plastic plates and familiar dishes with a wild twist.

To order: Kaeng Prik Kraddok Moo (spicy pork curry) or the steamed fish in salt crust.

Which seafood restaurant calls out the most to you, nomads?

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