5 Hilarious Lessons Fifty Shades Of Grey Teaches Us About Travelling

By now, the mommy-porn box office juggernaut that is ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ starring the delicious Jamie Dornan and refreshingly funny Dakota Johnson has grossed over $546 million worldwide. Rather than debate why (or not) the franchise lives up to its R-rated expectations, here are 5 lessons the movie can teach us about travelling!

#1 You Never Know When You Need Cable Ties, Rope & Tape

Red or yellow?

At the risk of sounding like a serial killer, this point is pretty relevant. To travel, that is (look, we don’t want to know what else you might use them for). Cable ties are especially useful to keep your electronic, erm, cables, together. But it also acts as a great lock for your suitcase – there’s no need to buy those fancy luggage locks that cost a bomb! You don’t even need to be stranded on a deserted island or in the outback to know that rope and duct tape can come in handy – as makeshift laundry lines, repairing ripped bags, clothes or smashed car windows (been there, done that), or even shutting up that annoying travel mate.

#2 A Good Soundtrack Helps


We’re not sure if Sam Taylor-Johnson’s erotic romance might have worked as well as it has without its super banging OST. So whether or not the conversation is awkward or there’s just no chemistry between you and aforementioned travel mate, you’ll be able to plug in to Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Sia and The Weeknd without feeling so bad about your trip.

#3 Money Can’t Buy You Everything

For someone who has everything, he looks pretty glum…

Sure, Christian Grey has it all – billions, his own building, a helicopter, a glider plane, a freaking grand piano AND a red room of pain – but he doesn’t have love (or rather, the capacity to love *sob*)! It’s the same in travel – you may be able to acquire the best experiences money can buy, but if you’re not awed by the simplest pleasures of a magical sunrise, local cuisine or a breathtaking view, you might as well stay home and sulk (on your grand piano).

#4 Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It

Don’t bite that lip Anastasia!

If someone were to have told Anastasia Steele that she’d actually enjoy being tied up and whipped with a riding crop (amongst other depraved things *shock/horror*), her inner goddess might have shaken her head vehemently and thrown up. The point is, she stayed open to new experiences, and behold, she entered an entire world of sensual pleasure that she would have missed out on otherwise. The point of travelling is to experience new things, so it’s no point if you’re going to travel to Patagonia and insist on staying in and eating Chinese take-out.

#5 Chemistry is Important

It’s all in the eyes, people!

Some moviegoers have pointed out the lack of chemistry between the two leads (though personally, we think this is a load of tosh), and so it is the same in travel. If you’re going to embark on a new adventure with someone, you’d better make darn sure the two of you are compatible – in terms of what you expect from the holiday, the things you want to see, how much walking/tourist attractions you’re going to do, even down to similar budgets for spending. Otherwise, one of you is going to end up with a (closed elevator) door in your face.

What are some travel lessons you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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