4 Nomad-Approved 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

No matter how good—or let’s be real, not-so-good—a year ends up being, it’s nice to receive a gentle reminder that there’s always room to start over. Before we let go of everything 2021, we made sure to pick up some useful insights here and there to make this new year a better one (fingers crossed!).

Here’s our list of Nomad-approved 2022 New Year’s Resolutions:

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1. Stay present

One main takeaway from 2021? Treat the present like it’s precious. Things that were once so trivial to us—grabbing a quick bite with friends, or planning a family holiday—have become priceless. Now, we know better than to take an ordinary day for granted. Whether you’re spending time at home with your family or seeing friends you’ve missed for years, the best approach is to connect and make the most of the moment.

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2. Rekindle IRL friendships

How many people have we lost in touch with just because we haven’t been physically around them? Just think: colleagues you used to go on coffee runs with, gym buddies who had the same workout schedule, or acquaintances you bumped into on nights out. Maybe it’s time to reach out to some friends we’ve lost touch with, whether it’s as simple as shooting a quick “how are you?” or sending them a funny meme. Out of sight doesn’t always have to mean out of mind!

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3. Make plans (no matter how small!)

Sure, our tendency to plan long-term has been rudely interrupted by 2021’s unpredictability, but don’t let it cancel all your plans. There’s magic in the little things, like scheduling a brunch (al fresco, maybe?) or even a Netflix party with your friends. Giving yourself and your loved ones something to look forward to, and actually pushing through, can do a lot to lift your spirits. And who knows? It might just make the beginnings of a wonderfully-planned year!

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4. See more of the world—whatever part of it is most accessible to you

Traveling responsibly is important, and sometimes that means having to put travel plans on hold. but you can unlock a new sense of wonder when you realize there’s no shortage of sights and adventure wherever you are: whether it’s exploring the old terrains of your hometown, or visiting a destination you haven’t been to before. Adventure is out there (and it’s just as much a mindset as it is a way of life!).

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What resolutions are you packing for 2022?

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