Travel Vlogs to Cure Your Monday Blues

If Monday were a travel thing, it would be a delayed flight. Or a 12-hour layover. Or an overbooked hotel. You get the idea. To ease you into your week, we’ve gathered our favourite videos that always get us in the mood. To travel that is.

#1 The Art of Chic by Chriselle Lim

Why you should watch it: Chriselle has been one of our fashion icons for years! She’s classy, elegant, and yes, “chic” is the perfect way to describe her style. In this funny, 50s-inspired infomercial, Chriselle reveals her travel must-haves while instilling major luggage-envy in all of us.

#2 Shay Mitchell’s Ubud Travel Diary

Why you should watch it: Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell really knows how to work the camera. If you’ve never been to the Ubud Monkey Forest or just seriously missing Ubud right now, this Shaycation (punny!) vlog will make you feel like you’re right there soaking in all that good Balinese vibes. And her outfits are on-point.

#3 A Travel Photo Tutorial by Brooke Saward

Why you should watch it: We’re huge fans of World of Wanderlust and admittedly stalk her Instagram account. Brooke is a one-woman-show; she travels by herself, started her own website, and takes the most WOW pictures with sometimes just a tripod. “How do you take your pictures if you’re travelling alone?” is one of the most frequent questions she gets asked, so enjoy this tell-all video that will put your photography skills to shame.

#4 Time is Nothing by Kien Lam 

Why you should watch it: It might seem a little sad to travel through your computer screen, but have you ever seen anything so magical? Around the world in four minutes and 49 seconds — the product of time-lapse clips from 17 countries, over 343 days and 6,237 photographs. There’s also a part 2 called Time and Again which is just as glorious.

#5 We Call This Home by Walter Chang

Why you should watch it: We’ve gushed over this one before and have watched it at least 10 times since. Who doesn’t love a good quit-your-job-for-wanderlust tale? In his YouTube video he shares, “I trekked amazing landscapes, checked off the bucket list, hitchhiked, slept anywhere I could and made countless friends. These are my memories.” This guy just gets it right.

Time to get started on your bucket list

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