Top 5 things to do in Koh Samui

We’ve got two amazing Koh Samui resorts on sale this week with Akyra Samui and Akaryn Samui. While you probably won’t need to move an inch thanks to the superb luxury accommodation and facilities provided by both Aleenta properties, The Luxe Nomad’s editor Alia Soraya shares her picks for a stylish escape Samui-style!



#1 See and do

Feeling adventurous? Take a day-trip boat excursion that goes out to the Angthong National Marine Park or try a gentler version – Hansar Samui runs its own sunset cruises. Want to catch up on some culture? Don’t miss the magnificent golden Big Buddha Statue that sits atop the north-east corner of the island.


#2 Explore

Fisherman’s Village on the north coast of the island is one of the few places where the authentic Indochine charm still exists. Best times to go is in the afternoon when more shops and restaurants are open or on Friday nights when there is a Hawker’s market. This is also one of the very few places in Thailand where girly bars are not permitted! Check out Villa M Samui, the perfect place to stay at the village!


#3 Sunset from

To get away from the usual lounge spots, head in to the interior and up to Tar Nim’s Magic Garden at the top of one of the island’s highest peak. Built during a 25-year period by a local farmer, the stone statues in the garden were sculpted by hand and sit over 2,000 feet above the sandy beaches below. You don’t want to miss this!


#4 Dine in style

If breathtaking is the effect you’re going for, then Dining on the Rocks is the place. Arrive before dusk to take in the full effect of this beautiful location. As the signature restaurant of the renowned back-to-nature Six Senses hotel, it’s only open for dinner, so make sure you book one of the series of platforms for your own private 270-degree million-dollar view! And the food? Divine ‘Modern Interpretive Cuisine’.


#5 Recover

Forget the ‘X’ factor, we’re looking at the ‘Wow’ factor. The AWAY Spa at W Retreat Samui will astound you with its contemporary beauty and some of the most innovative and playful treatments. Disappear into world-class pavilions named ‘Khoasis’, ‘Khozy’ and ‘Alkhove’, enjoy the signature ‘Thaimazcal’ hot rocks steam bath and herbal body scrubs and finish up in a huge open-air bathtub looking out onto the shimmering Gulf of Siam.

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  1. Well said. We live in Melbourne and we normally go away for a weekend or a day trip before my second was born. We haven’t been doing it for almost 2 years. We recently travel in our ‘backyard’ again and this time we are having camping instead staying in B&B or apartment or house. The kids having so much fun. We walked to the beach, bush, nearby town, boat rowing, star gaze etc. One thing that we didn’t do is taking family photo. we have lots of photos that kids playing and with one of us. I shall remember to do it next time.

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