This Floating Hotel Can Sail Around the World (Video)

Coming to an ocean near you, the MORPHotel is a concept for a floating hotel that very slowly travels the world, docking in cities to let passengers check-in and check-out. The hotel does look like somewhat of a watersport transformer because of its “spine” — which curves according to the ocean current so it can swim above waters. The dock acts as a pedestrian bridge while at port and a helipad while at sea.

But behold, some luxury rooms can undock from the hotel and sail within a safe distance. How does it come back? We don’t know either. The video shows just how luxurious the MORPHotel is and it’s got the a pretty cool musical score that’s nearly as impressive.

This “independent, self sufficient vessel” was designed by engineer and architect Gianluca Santosuosso. We’re willing to bet this hotel will be the next big thing but in the meantime, check out the coolest new hotels in 2016.

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