The Luxe Nomad’s 2021 Highlight Reel

One of the best things about ending another year is seeing how far we’ve come. For The Luxe Nomad, 2021 wasn’t without its challenges, but we’re proud to share that there have been some wins, too!

Here are some of the highlights that made our 2021 a little sunnier:

#ThatVillaLife took on a whole new meaning

If anyone told you two years ago that face masks would become holiday travel essentials, you probably wouldn’t believe them. Safe to say, 2021 was a year filled with unpredictability. For the travel and tourism industry, anticipating trends and acting fast were key to making travels safe and, most of all, possible. Our Chief Nomad, Steph Chai, shares:

“I have to say that as a team we embodied an entrepreneurial spirit, as our company mantra was very much ‘Let’s make the most of this’ as opposed to ‘poor us’. We were very quick to adjust rates to attract the local market – which at times only partially covered the costs of running the villa; denoting just how competitive the market was. However, we were of the belief it was better to have a villa occupied and able to pay for most of its overheads, as opposed to being empty and owners bearing the full weight of operating costs.”

“Our company mantra was very much, ‘Let’s make the most of this,’ as opposed to ‘poor us.’”

And just because we’re in the business of curating holidays doesn’t mean every day is a vacation! “We also had to ‘hustle’ and looked for new avenues to get bookings from, as the domestic market was completely different from international. In Bali, we have been lucky that it really is the only place to holiday in Indonesia whereas neighbouring countries such as Thailand have a plethora of holiday destinations, making it extremely competitive.”

“The numbers we have achieved is a result of our entire team working hard together to ensure bookings are maximised, partner agents are taken care of (though limited with budget we would send them small and thoughtful gifts) and villa staff treating our guests well – which led to many positive reviews and referrals.”

‘We are grateful for the wonderful Balinese spirit.’

“I would say company morale was definitely a key factor in pulling us through. And we are also grateful for the wonderful Balinese spirit. Despite the difficult times, they have always come to work with a smile.”

The Luxe Nomad villas took center stage

Here’s where you might have seen them:

  1. The Times UK’s “Best Villas in Bali”
    Five The Luxe Nomad properties were spotted on the list, namely Villa Florimar, Villa KaRein, Villa Melissa, Villa Sena and Villa Vedas. Check out the villas that made the cut here.
  2. Hotel Designs “3 Hotel Pools That Will Blow Your Mind”
    Villa Vedas, a 5-8 bedroom beachfront villa exclusively managed by The Luxe Nomad, was first on the list for its amazing swimming pool as well as the sustainable approach to the villa’s overall design, care of Designer Stuart Bevan. Read the full article here.
  3. Tatler Indonesia
    Millie Lukito, CEO of Mobiliari Group and owner of Indonesia Tatler, sat down with The Luxe Nomad’s Bali General Manager, Mirko Corbela. Their conversation about the ever-changing landscape of travel, especially in the Island of the Gods, was featured on an episode of Ngopi with Millie, with Villa Avalon as their backdrop. Indonesia Tatler also wrote about the “dream villa” on their website—check out the full article here.
  4. Forbes Indonesia
    Villa Ambra, a 5-bedroom beachfront along Pererenan Beach, was seen on Forbes Indonesia and even took viewers on a 60-second virtual villa tour.

Call us The Vaxxed Nomads!


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Our Bali team successfully received their second dose of COVID-19 vaccinations last August. The Luxe Nomad also provided them with a post-vaccination Care Kit with snacks, milk, and paracetamol as provisions.

“From start to end, we received good service from paramedics. And after vaccination, we were prepared with a package just in case there were any reactions post-vaccine.” Kadek, from the Villa Waringin Team, shares.

“The process was quick and easy, and they always reminded me to stay healthy.” Says Putu from the Villa Nonnavana Team.

Everything’s in place for a stronger 2022

Bali Team’s Annual Christmas Party

Here’s a message from Adhi, the Director of Operations in Bali:

“When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear”

TLN HQ’s Virtual Christmas Party

“I feel blessed to be part of this hard-working and fully dedicated Team. There’s no question that this pandemic hit us all hard and affects each and every one of us. However, we pull ourselves together and shift our focus. This pandemic has made us all become more dynamic, determined, and more resilient than ever while having FUN in the process. We are not just surviving through this difficult time, we are growing and our numbers are solid proof that we are navigating through uncharted waters properly.  One important thing that I learned throughout my entire professional career is that no matter difficult your condition is, as long as we still have a positive mind and optimistic attitude, we will always find a way. Combine it with hard work and determination, we will prevail. There’s no better way to achieve this than keeping your team fighting spirit and morale high.”

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