Staying Classy in the Sky | A Guide by Garuda Indonesia

Ever wonder what a 5-star Garuda Indonesia flight is like? Keep reading to find out!

Luxe is a lifestyle, and when it comes to traveling in luxury, Garuda Indonesia has perfected it through the years. After all, this 5-star airline has provided excellent service to thousands of travelers since 2011. That’s why Luxe Nomad sat down with them to ask: what does it mean to keep it classy in the skies?

Let’s break down what it means to fly luxury!

First off: flying business class. Is it worth it?


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When it comes to luxury travel, you get what you pay for—and Garuda Indonesia agrees that Business Class passengers will have a better flight experience and more benefits from pre-flight to landing.

To start off, the airline already promises values of on-time and safe flights, prompt and precise processes, clean and comfortable premises, and reliable, professional, competent, and helpful staff. But here are just some perks that elevate the Business Class experience:


Rushing through the airport? Dreading impossibly long lines? Worried about getting left behind? Not a problem if you’re checking in Business Class! Experience pre-flight comforts such as:

  • Premium Check-in Counter. Guests can even sit comfortably, not that they’ll need to as there are shorter queues!
  • Fast Track line for faster security checks
  • Priority Boarding—no need to stand in line!
  • Additional baggage allowance of 30kg and more, plus up to 20kg more for GarudaMiles Members (with a free special luggage tag)
  • Access to the Garuda Indonesia Lounge. The lounge provides an array of world-class facilities, including a business center, wireless internet connection, rest and relax area, reflexology machine, shower, children’s play area, nursery room, and prayer room. If guests need any help with travel requirements, the lounge staff are happy to assist. They also have a wide selection of delicious Indonesian food and beverages for you to try before your flight.


Say goodbye to knocking elbows with your seatmate and getting a stiff neck after some shut-eye. Garuda Indonesia’s in-flight features make sure you’re taken cared of. Here’s what guests get to enjoy:

  • Comfortable quarters. 38 staggered seats with direct aisle access, 43” pitch and 21.2” seat width that reclines to flat bed, an Ottoman chair, personal storage, USB and power outlet, and a 15” touchscreen LCD with an innovative eX2 Panasonic in-flight entertainment system to ensure you’re never bored or uncomfortable in the air
  • Cabin comfort and amenities. This includes a hypoallergenic pillow in a cotton cover, comforting furtex-plush duvet, and the TravelPlus Award 2013 winner L’Occitane amenity kit (for Unisex Business Class Asia Oceania)
  • Indulgent in-flight menu. A qualified chef from a 5-star establishment prepares light snacks to full meals


And finally, skip the hassle of locating your bag in a sea of other frustrated passengers. Deplaning is convenient as ever with Garuda Indonesia:

  • Priority disembarkation with priority handling for baggage
  • Premium Arrival Service Center lets guests wait comfortably while luggage is being handled

What makes Garuda Indonesia stand out?

As the national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia has always strived to bring Indonesian hospitality to the rest of the world. This is best embodied by their signature “Garuda Indonesia Experience,” which applies Indonesian hospitality into several icons to delight the five senses:


Every design detail of Garuda Indonesia combines natural colors and traditional motifs, from the interior cabin to their uniforms. Female flight attendants wear a motif called “Lereng Garuda Indonesia,” a modified kebaya inspired by the traditional batik motif of Parang Gondosuli. This has a philosophical value of a “distinguished light in life,” and uses three primary colors: Tosca green for a fresh and tropical finish; orange for a warm, friendly, and dynamic impression; and blue, for reliability, trust, timelessness, and serenity.


Peaceful sounds of Indonesia’s traditional songs welcome passengers inside the aircraft. Specially composed and arranged for Garuda Indonesia, this detail adds a layer of entertainment as well as a new way to experience authentic Indonesian culture.


Did you know that Garuda Indonesia’s typical aromatic fragrance is exclusively designed just for the airline? The signature aroma is an aromatic blend of essential oils extracted from native Indonesian plants and spices, including clove and nutmeg.


Indonesia’s unique taste and flavor come to life in delectable meals and refreshments in-flight and at the lounge, served by energetic flight attendants.


Many of the Indonesian traditional dances begin with a warm, welcoming gesture that reflects a touch of their famous hospitality. Garuda Indonesia has adopted this as its standard greeting for its dear passengers.

What 5-star destinations await when you fly with Garuda Indonesia?


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As the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia has a lot to offer. In line with their effort to support the national government program, these are the top 5 destinations in Indonesia:

    1. BALI – Surrounded by azure seas and edged with golden beaches, it’s clear to see why Bali remains one of the most popular destinations in the world. Apart from being a surfer’s paradise, there are also temples, caves, waterfalls, museums, and markets to explore. If you like history and culture, you can spend hours learning the local legends and Balinese traditions at places like Ubud. Whatever you want to add to the itinerary, you’ll probably find it in Bali. Garuda Indonesia has flights from Jakarta to Bali every day—check them out here!

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    2. LABUAN BAJO – Known as the original habitat of the Komodo Dragon, which is preserved in the Komodo National Park, adventure awaits at Labuan Bajo. Stop by Pink Beach, which charms visitors with its light reddish sand and turquoise water. Sylvia Hill is a good place to catch the sunset, while trekking at Padar and Kanawa Islands is always exciting. And lastly, for an underwater experience, don’t miss dive points such as Batu Bolong, Castle Rock, and Manta Point. Garuda Indonesia can take you, and flies from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo three times a week—book yours now!
    3. MANDALIKA – From natural beaches to a rich culture, there’s lots to see at Mandalika. Make your way through Gerupuk Beach, Kuta Beach, Seger Beach, or Tanjung Aan, or visit the new MotoGP Circuit. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, this spot has the Mandalika Street Race Circuit Cluster. It’s a 120-hectare property that covers the International Scale Racing Circuit, and a Convention Center, which will be developed into a tourism-based area called the Mandalika Special Economic Zone.  With Garuda Indonesia, you can fly from Jakarta to Mandalika – Lombok every day—find flights here.
    4. BOROBUDUR – Standing tall as one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites, the Borobudur Temple is a must-see in Magelang (about 2.5 hours from Solo City). The pyramid-shaped temple is approximately 29 meters in height, with 500 Buddha statues made out of more than 2 million stones. Visit Borobudur via Jogjakarta with Garuda Indonesia, which flies from Jakarta every day—see schedules here.
    5. LAKE TOBA – Lake Toba is a new icon of Indonesian tourism, and is even a government-appointed destination! With an area of more than 1,145 sq. km and a depth of 450m, it’s the largest lake in Southeast Asia and one of the deepest in the world. Hop on a kayak and experience Lake Toba, or you can refresh your mind by taking in the cool atmosphere on Samosir Island. Garuda Indonesia will take you to Lake Toba through Medan, which flies from Jakarta every day—find flights here.

What else is a must-try with Garuda Indonesia?

Aside from the full Garuda Indonesia Experience, don’t miss this insider recommendation suggested by the staff themselves!

  • At the Garuda Indonesia Lounge: try our Live Cooking Station, fresh cooked meals, and various beverages
  • For in-flight meals: try the Nasi Kuning (yellow savory rice), rendang (rich dish of slow-cooked meat braised in coconut milk and seasoned with an herb and spice mixture), and our other signature Indonesian dishes.

Ready to go? 

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