Starbucks Korea reintroduced its avocado ice-blended drink

In today’s episode of Take Our Money, Starbucks Korea has brought back its creamy avocado ice-blended drink for the summer, alongside a pineapple ice-blended beverage that will unfortunately take a backseat in the stampede of eager avocado advocates.

Avocades, if you like.

Starbucks Korea avocado blended
Now you can truly live the avocado life. Photo: Starbucks Korea

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The millennial bait drink launched in Starbucks Korea on 26 June, but was in fact introduced in 2015 for a limited time. Now, it won’t do to just walk around with your OG Starbucks takeaway cup like a workplace uniform anymore. The revamped Avocado Blended drink is drizzled with a dark green syrup at the edges to represent real avocado skin, and the pit you see in the photos is actually a chocolate sphere. It’s so cute, our teeth ache.

Take it all in.

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