Quit Your Job, Get a Tan, And Work at The Luxe Nomad. Here’s Why!

Leave your boring desk job, enter the exciting startup scene, travel the world… it’s the dream, right?

Scroll down to read what it’s really like to work at The Luxe Nomad, and the roles we have open for you to (hopefully) fill.

#1 We Work Very, Very Hard

Disclaimer: stock photo. But very much accurate

We just happen to work at a cool travel company. And just like any startup, we put in extra hours daily, assume each others’ roles, and bring more than one skill set to the (communal, in true startup style) table. If you love the idea of growing a really successful company with travel as your passion, carry on to the second point.

#2 “Experience” is Subjective

Flight tix and chill

Here’s something that surprises most people. None of our nomads had experience in the travel industry prior to our current roles, not even chief nomad Steph Chai, whom you probably know was a model and tv host (although she does have a double major in Business and Finance). Our sales team all come from different backgrounds, some even leaving cushy but meaningless jobs in banking (kidding! We’ll always have a soft spot for the field). The editorial team is made up of former fashion writers and your weekly guy’s guides come from a Canadian architect in Jakarta. We’re all over the map too, literally.

#3 Are We Really Working From Villas Around Asia?

Bonus points if you can name this villa

Short answer? No, we have a business to run! Long answer: Sometimes! At any given time you’ll find that one or two from the team are travelling, either for work or pleasure, and usually both. The rest of our team are based in Kuala LumpurSingapore, Australia, Hong Kong and the Philippines (we are nomads after all). And to answer what’s usually on everyone’s mind… yes, official employees do get complimentary stays when possible. Our senior management are actually working from a luxury villa in Phuket right now ( pay for our own hotels? Sorry, what do you mean?)

#4 What’s The Rest of The Team Like?

Inspired, that’s what

You’ll find out through Skype. The team sometimes feels like a long-distance relationship; we have Skype meetings, travel to meet each other, it’s unusual in the most exciting and challenging way. We also run a tight ‘no b*tchiness’ policy, so if you’re rude or start playing political games, you’re out. The dress code? Casual. And yes, there are men in the team too, despite the many Instagram pictures we post of yoga at the beach or pretty sunsets. And pineapples.

#5 Do You Fit into These Roles? 

Here’s a tip: send us a fun cover letter

We’re always expanding (it’s part of our world takeover), and the great thing about working here is that you get a lot of freedom for input and to create your own role. Sounds interesting? Here are the positions we have available right now.

Property management

  • Property Manager (Tokyo)
    The job: Sourcing  for new properties in Tokyo, establishing relationships with property owners and local partners, and setting up properties for short term rental
    Requirements: Fluent in Japanese and English, strong interpersonal skills, business acumen and willing to hustle. Good understanding of the property market, rules and regulations in Tokyo is a bonus.
  • Property Associate (Junior)
    The job: Managing short term rentals’ check in/out, ensure managed properties are in good condition and assist in resolving any ad hoc issues.
    Requirements: Problem solver, good time management and strong interpersonal, Singaporean/SG Permanent Resident.

Public Relations, Graphic Design and Editorial

  • PR Executive (Junior/Senior)
    The job: Working with the media to pitch travel stories related to The Luxe Nomad, and partners for various marketing collaborations.
    Requirements: Forward-thinking, creative, highly organised, experience in PR (for the senior role).
  • Graphic designer (Junior)
    The job: Assisting the editorial team in planning out tri-weekly EDMs and designing them on Mail Chimp, as well as other design material for social media and the website.
    Requirements: Background in design and creative with a good eye for detail. Video editing skills are an advantage.
  • Freelance writers
    The job: Writing travel articles and insights for WanderLuxe.
    Requirements: Excellent writing skills, travel knowledge, and deadline oriented. Knowledge in specific fields (food, fashion etc) is a bonus.


  • Trip Curators
    The job: Essentially, helping our clients plan out their perfect vacation.
    Required: Good English, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, willing to work on weekends too.


  • Interns 
    The job: Data management and analysis.
    Requirements: Resourceful, good research and analytical skills.

If you think you’ve got what we’re looking for, send an email to iwantajob@theluxenomad.com. Don’t overthink it, that one email is all that’s standing between you and your new career.

Might want to brush up on The Luxe Nomad too. Good luck! 

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