9 Sustainable Swimwear Brands so Luxurious You’ll Forget You’re Saving the World

Every season is bathing suit season; whether you’re on your way somewhere tropical right now or daydreaming of your next big escape, it’s always handy to have a couple of luxe pieces ready to go (surprise weekend getaways!). As we love all things eco-friendly and with the range of luxury sustainable swimwear ever-growing, we’ve rounded up a new luxe list of swimwear brands we know you’ll be obsessing over.


Based in: Los Angeles, CA

Product Range: Women’s bikinis, one-pieces, beach bags

The Sustainability: Reformation’s swimwear is made from a combination of deadstock, renewable plant materials, and recycled or regenerated fabrics like ECONYL®. They manufacture sustainably too, and they really want you to know it. On each product page, Reformation tells you how much impact the garment has on the environment, giving you the ability to make more educated decisions. As well, Reformation invests in programs that help to replace the resources used – like the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation Project.

The Luxe-ness: Reformation’s suits are seriously gorgeous – they were designed to highlight the female silhouette, no matter what size, after all.


Based in: Portugal

Product Range: Women’s bikinis and one-pieces

The Sustainability: Tuhkana’s swimwear is made from biodegradable yarn. The yarn is recyclable and can fully degrade in two to five years if it for some reason ends up in the trash. The fabric and pieces are all produced in Brazil with a closed-loop production system, limiting the consumption of natural resources.

The Luxe-ness: The fabrics used in Tuhkana’s pieces contain absolutely no products that could be considered harmful to your skin – so you should stay comfortable in them all day. They’re also pretty darn sleek in that Brasilian kind of way.


Based in: Australia

Product Range: Women’s bikinis and one-pieces

The Sustainability: BAIIA’s recycled nylon fabrics are made from industrial and post-consumer waste like fishing nets, carpets, plastic bottles and other textiles. The suits are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, so there are no harmful substances here! The fabric supplier, which is based in Italy, uses some of the world’s most efficient industrial systems – less water and electricity needed!

The Luxe-ness: Designed to be flattering for women of all sizes, these handmade pieces have smooth seams that won’t dig in and are incredibly soft. Some of the wrapsuits are reversible, giving you the ability to switch up your look on a whim. Day to night pool wear, anyone?


Based in: New York, NY, USA

Product Range: One-pieces and bikinis

The Sustainability: A F L O A T, which stands for “All For the Love Of an Awesome Tomorrow,” uses sensitive fabrics made of Eurojersey that is committed to reducing water, energy, chemicals and waste. Reducing plastic waste, the brand uses reusable tote bags with no extra packaging for shipping its swimwear. All the pieces are made and designed in New York in a factory that respects the dignity of the manufacturers.

The Luxe-ness: Each piece is made from high-tech Italian Eurojersey, fabrics and double-lined for a brilliant sculpting effect and extra durability. The Eurojersey is breathable for extended wear and extra fine for superior softness. The suits are also ten times more chlorine resistant than traditional swimwear, and they don’t pill! A F L O A T will make you feel like an undefeatable superhero as you make your way to the beach or pool. Some of the designs come with sleeves, and the geometric shapes and vibrant colours will be turning heads your way.

Vege Threads

Based in: South Australia, Australia

Product Range: Women’s bikinis and one-pieces

The Sustainability: All swimwear is made from lycra and recycled nylon that is created from post-consumer waste with things like fishing nets that have been pulled from the oceans. The manufacturing is entirely ethical and in Australia. The brand is also a member of Ethical Clothing Australia, which ensures that Australian supply chains are fully transparent about their processes. Vege Threads is so sustainable that even their shipping service is carbon neutral with all emissions offset.

The Luxe-ness: The LYCRA XTRA LIFE® used in the creation of all of Vege Threads’ swimwear means these pieces retain their shape well (no sagging bits!), and are chlorine-resistant.

Shapes in the Sand

Based in: Australia

Product Range: Women’s bikinis, one-pieces, rash guards and scrunchies

The Sustainability: Made with Italian fabric using ECONYL®, the materials for all swimwear come from regenerated materials – removing waste from the oceans and our landfills. The fabrics are printed using a method that requires no water or harsh chemicals. And as for those hygiene liners that new suits come with, Shapes in the Sand developed a water-soluble liner made from wood pulp and non-toxic inks.

The Luxe-ness: The suits are all handmade, so supply is limited. They sit smooth and are all made from super soft and durable Italian Lycra. Shapes in the Sand wears are also chlorine resistant and hold their shape better than traditional alternatives. The collections are highly evocative – with one returning us to our 90s obsessions (in the best way possible).


Based in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Product Range: Women’s bikinis and one-pieces

The Sustainability: Underprotection’s swimwear is made with 100% recycled polyester. The polyester material used is a surprisingly green option as it uses 33-53% less energy to make than the energy needed to produce virgin polyester. It also keeps bottles and plastics out of the ocean. Their suits are also vegan approved, and all the packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.

The Luxe-ness: Ok, we know that polyester doesn’t sound super luxe, but they’re surprisingly comfortable. The suits are gorgeous, and the cuts are designed to be flattering for women of all sizes – they’re the kind of suits you’ll want to strut down the street in.

Vitamin A

Based in: Laguna Beach, CA, USA

Product Range: Women’s bikinis, one-pieces, beachwear, accessories

The Sustainability: The brand uses a combination of a superfine matte jersey swim fabric (that the founder created herself!) that’s made of recycled nylon fibres and LYCRA XTRA LIFE® which helps the swimwear keep its shape. Some prints are created with a waterless digital technology at factories which have been chosen for limiting their electricity and water usage. Vitamin A also donates a portion of their sales to the preservation of marine habitats.

The Luxe-ness: Vitamin A’s swimwear is not only sustainable but stunning! The jersey used has a silky texture, and the suits fit like a second skin. The suits are double-lined too, so they don’t go transparent. The pieces are inspired by travel and modern art, so you’ll be feeling truly luxe.

Bombshell Bay

Based in: Melbourne, Australia, with pieces produced in Bali

Product Range: Women’s bikinis, one-pieces, surf suits and rash guards

The Sustainability: A slow swimwear brand, Bombshell Bay is 100% custom made ensuring that excess stock that would typically get trashed doesn’t exist. As well, the products are made from recycled rubbish found in the ocean – which is not as gross as it may sound as the rubbish is turned into a luxurious Nylon 6 fabric!

The Luxe-ness: The brand was designed to create products that are wearable, flattering, comfortable and confidence-boosting for women of all shapes and sizes. The fabric, which was created in Italy, is surprisingly soft with luxurious and vibrant prints. The suits also hold-up better than traditional suits. And, because the suits are custom-made you get to pick your cut and prints – you might even be one of a kind in these.

All images are the property of the brands.

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