Italy Travel Tips: 6 Things Travellers Should Consider

Italy tops the luxury travel list in regard to the beautiful landscapes, friendly people and world famous cuisine. But if you can’t see all of it, which destinations should you make a beeline for? Well, here’s help and visual aid to help you plan the perfect Italian getaway.

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#1 Milan: The Posh Fashion Centre

The fashion capital, Milan, is for those who love luxurious shopping experiences

At the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping centres in the world, you’ll be able to indulge in some of the biggest fashion brands. The famous Milan Cathedral, or Duomo, attracts thousands of visitors per day. Milan also offers an alternative atmosphere for visitors at the Navigli area with numerous music stores, art shops, and vintage style libraries. The neighbourhood wakes up in the late afternoon as dozens of bars and restaurants open in the evening, full of people dining and drinking outside after getting off work.

Good to know: Avoid visiting Milan between November and February as it’s usually cold and rainy. For nightlife lovers, go to the Navigli area and avoid the central Duomo Square if you would like to experience something more local.

#2 Florence: For Architecture Enthusiasts

If you love historical medieval buildings, palaces, and sculptures, Florence is the place to visit

If you love historical medieval buildings, palaces, and sculptures, Florence is the place to visit! The Piazza della Signoria is filled with abundant statues exhibited outside. The city’s most famous cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore with its Renaissance Architecture is a massive piece of artwork that every visitor must visit from the first day in Florence. The neighbourhood around Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) is home to dozens of luxurious old jewellery shops and typical medieval buildings.

Good to know: Florence is among the top most visited cities, hence secure your accommodation, especially during the high season before arriving. When you are in Florence, take a train or bus to Siena. This small town is also well-known for being a beautiful destination in Tuscany.

#3 Venice: The Island for Honeymooners

Comprising of many big and small islands

Venice is not only famous worldwide for the annual costume festival, but also its endless romantic beauty of the canals, especially during sunset. There are endless things for couples to enjoy here: taking a dinner cruise or vaporetto to many of the surrounding islands, hopping on a gondola around the canals, or watching an opera show in the Teatro La Fenice.

Good to know: The annual carnival of Venice is one of the most culturally unique experiences to try, but keep in mind that the streets will be full of crowds and open air parties. Be prepared to walk a lot. Bring a backpack instead of heavy luggage with trolleys to make it easier through the numerous bridges spreading all over Venice.

#4 Cinque Terre: Adventurous Hiking Trails

A destination for everyone: adventurous hikers, romantic couples, and families

You’ve probably heard of the famous Cinque Terre – five beautiful small villages lying on the mountain top along the Northern coastlines of Italy. Stop by the closest big city Genova (Genoa) and take a train to one of the five villages. We think the most beautiful one is Vernazza.

Good to know: Remember to check the weather before departing to Cinque Terre. Some of the beautiful tracks may be closed if it’s raining. Though the five villages are small and located nearby, you may prefer staying overnight versus hustling for a day-trip because of the long day of hiking up and down.

#5 Rome: The Ancient Capital

This city offers endless activities for an ideal vacation to Italy

The famous ancient city of Rome with its Renaissance era centre full of beautiful squares, cathedrals, the Pantheon, the Jewish Ghetto, and various museums makes an ideal capital for history lovers. Come to the heart of Old Rome to walk through the Spanish Steps, be enticed by the Colosseo (Colosseum), or indulge yourself into the spiritual beauty of the independent state, the Vatican. Head to the Modern Centre for an Italian dinner out or just to walk around the Trevi Fountain.

Good to know: Beware of pickpockets here as even the locals pay attention to this big issue in Rome. For girls, avoid walking alone at night as Rome is not the safest city in Europe.

#6 Naples: A Seaside City Escape

Located along the Southern coastline

The capital of the Campania region, Naples, is the second most populous metropolitan area of Italy. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the home to the Castel dell’Ovo, which lies on the waterline, and the Royal Palace from Piazza del Plebiscito. In the summer, do not miss the chance to experience watching movies under the stars at the open-air cinema festival.

Good to know: The Southern countries can get very hot and humid during the summer months between June and August.


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