Do I Need a Visa? Countries That Require It & Don’t

Travelling visa-free means you either receive a visa upon arrival, or the country doesn’t require one for your nationality. The length you can travel visa-free to different destinations varies and can change with short notice, so you should always double-check with your embassy especially when planning long trips abroad. Get a head start with our overview of visa requirements in some of the most popular of all 267 world entities.

For Singaporeans:

Helix Bridge in Marina Bay

Get a visa: Singaporeans travelling to The US require an electronic travel authorisation (ESTA) that can be applied for 72 hours prior to travel here. Restrictions apply to anyone that has travelled to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan after March 2011. Other countries include Australia and India.

No need for a visa: Malaysia and the UK.

For longer than 30 days: Indonesia, Maldives, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Note that for Thailand, visas are required for stays exceeding 90 days within any six months.

For longer than 90 days: Japan, France, Greece, Hong Kong, South Korea.

For Chinese Citizens of Hong Kong:

View from Victoria Peak

Get a visa: Visas are required for entering  Maldives and for a two-week or more stay in the Philippines. Hong Kong citizens visiting the US normally receive a “10-years multiple-entry combination B1/B2 visa”. A visa on arrival is required for Vietnam, which is issued once you have a Visa Approval Letter from Vietnamese immigration authority applied online.

No need for a visa: Anything shorter than 6 months in the UK doesn’t require a visa. Entry into Macau is visa-free but you will need to apply for a permit online when travelling to Taiwan for the first time. Visiting Mainland China requires a Home Return Permit which allows the holder to enter and stay until its expiry.

For longer than 30 days: Indonesia, Singapore, an e-tourist visa for India, Electronic Travel Authority for Sri Lanka and a visa for stays in Malaysia or Thailand exceeding one month.

For longer than 90 days: France, Greece, Japan, South Korea, and an Electronic Travel Authority for Australia.

For Malaysians:

The Petronas Twin Towers

Get a visa: The US, Australia, Myanmar, India, Japan, and for stays more than 14 days in Singapore, 15 days in Thailand and 21 days in the Philippines.

No need for a visa: A pre-arrival Electronic Travel Authority is required for entering Australia or Sri Lanka. No visa is required for travels of less than 6 months to the UK.

For longer than 30 days: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Maldives, Singapore and Thailand.

For longer than 90 days: France, Greece, Japan and South Korea.

For Australians:

The Sydney Opera House

Get a visa: Pre-arranged visas online are required for travels to Vietnam. Australians will also need a visa when entering China, unless it’s a transit less than 72-hours long.

No need for a visa: Anything shorter than 3 months in Malaysia or 6 months in the UK. A visa on arrival will be issued for stays longer than 30 days in the Maldives.

For longer than 30 days: Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Electronic Travel Authorisation for Sri Lanka and an e-tourist visa for India.

For longer than 90 days: The US, France, Greece, Japan and The US.

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