Guy’s Guide: Get Lost in These 10 Travel Hashtags

They won’t crack the algorithm, and they probably won’t gain you any followers, but if you find yourself having some time to kill, these travel hashtags can certainly pass the hours.

#1 #subwaybookreview

What: Looking for a new book for that holiday? Real reviews from real people on what they’re reading while riding subways throughout the world.

#2 #cockpitview

What: For those who truly love aviation, a collection of stunning images above the clouds, pilot selfies, or vintage cockpits.

#3 #doorsofparis

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P A R I S #photography #citytrip #doors #doorsofparis

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What: Paris has nice doors. Explore the city through these ubiquitous yet unique entryways. Bonus points if you’re on your way there.

#4 #millenialsofnewyork

What: It’s like humansofnewyork but for satirical millenials that will push Irony (non-gender specific) as the hottest trending baby name in Brooklyn. It’s popular, cringeworthy, and hilariously addictive.

#5 #cabincrew

What: A behind the scenes look at the glamorous (and sometimes not so glamorous) lives of our friends in the air. Guaranteed to make you smile and appreciate those taking care of you on your journey.

#6 #ihavethisthingwithtiles

What: There seems to be a thing with #ihavethisthing and it works for pretty much any-thing. Tiles seems to be less cluttered than floors however, yet still as pleasing for all the shoe-gazers out there.

#7 #powderinfocus

What: For those that can’t wait for a little winter, a collection of some serious backcountry beauty, often with face shots through nipples deep pow.

#8 #earthoverhead

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Lake Nasser, Egypt & Sudan . . One of the world’s largest artificial lakes, Lake Nasser is named after the Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, who is largely responsible for the lake’s creation. President Nasser decided to build the Aswan High Dam across the Nile, forming a lake approximately 550 kilometers (340 miles) long. . In this astronaut photograph taken from the International Space Station, the water of Lake Nasser stands out from its surroundings due to sunglint. The Sun’s light reflects off the water’s surface and into the camera lens, giving Lake Nasser an iridescent sheen. Sunglint is a common phenomenon in satellite images as well as astronaut photographs. . The Aswan High Dam, which created this massive lake, is the newer of two dams in the vicinity. The older of these dams is known as the Aswan Low Dam, or simply the Aswan Dam. Completed in 1902, the older dam had nearly overflowed by the middle of the 20th century, despite having been raised twice. Instead of raising it a third time, officials chose to build the Aswan High Dam upriver in the 1960s. The dam proved to be a mixed blessing, providing some residents with irrigation and drinking water, but forcing thousands of others to relocate to higher ground. . Ref: . #earthimages #earthimage #upintheair #abovetheclouds #satelliteimage #satelliteimages #EarthOverhead #overview #overvieweffect #lakenasser #nasser #aswandam #aswan #sudan #egypt #dam #irrigation

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What: A collection of satellite imagery, high altitude drones, and a few plane views that frame our earth in abstract geometric patterns. Often rather educational.

#9 #35mmstreetphotography

What: A glimpse around the world through film, which somehow still retains an edge that no filter can duplicate.

#10 #theluxenomad

What: A curated selection of inspiring nature photography, luxe villas, exclusive exotic destinations and frequent holiday giveaways. If you love to travel, it always serves as a point of inspiration.

And then there’s #thatvillalife

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