Falling Sick on Vacation Constantly? There’s a Reason for That

So you were bitten by the travel bug, and then really fell sick. You’re not being paranoid when you felt that headache creep in, despite what your travel buddies think. Scientists call it “leisure sickness”, which is basically a term for falling sick on vacation.

Researchers from Tilburg University in the Netherlands first coined the term after conducting a study on almost 2,000 travellers. From that group, about 3% of people noted down symptoms of falling sick like fatigue, nausea and muscle aches on vacation.

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And the cause of all this? It wasn’t street food, it was work stress — guess work it really does follow you everywhere! Many of the travellers believed the stress leading up to their time away took its toll, something we can all understand and relate to. They related the stress to having a heavy workload, planning the vacation and worrying about things back at the office.

So before you end up spending the rest of the week in bed with a major case of FOMO, turn on that ‘Out of Office’ automated email and drink plenty of ginger tea.

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