9 Annoyingly Pretentious Things Travellers Say

Travel is meant to humble you, but that’s not the case for the pretentious tourists. (Insert #1 “I’m a traveller, not a tourist”).  And because we’re avid tourists travellers too, we may or may not be picking up phrases from our own use…

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#1 “I am Soooo jet-lagged”

3am tweet: “Is anyone up?”

Two weeks after coming back from a trip. Sure jet lag is never any fun, but what’s the right response here? Trick question — it’s this article on how to combat jet lag.

#2 “Sorry, I only have Euro dollars on me”

What country are all your coins from anyway?

Tries to pay with foreign coins. Fails.

#3 “I know the BEST place for Banh Mi

Some (pretentious travellers) even say it’s one of the 10 Asian street food you absolutely need to try

While they’re probably right, we’re too hungry to argue.

#4 “I’m Kind of a Buddhist Now”

(But not really)

Perhaps after finding spirituality at these places?

#5 “I Feel Like a European Soul, You Know?”

Owning Prada doesn’t mean you’re Italian at heart

Nope, don’t know.

#6 “You’ve Seen One Temple, You’ve Seen Them All”

To be fair, they do look alike

Bet you haven’t seen all 8 of the most beautiful places of worship though.

#7 “I Need a Vacation”

Side note: we can help with that

We all do.

#8 “I Can’t Drink Regular Coffee Anymore”

Seriously, there’s better coffee out there

Turkish coffee, that stuff will ruin your forever.


(But really, this

is how you get more likes on Instagram)It does make your Instagram famous…

You had me at luxury villas

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