6 Signs You’re a Baby Boomer On Holiday 

The kids have left the nest, you and your one true love are retired, everything’s a-peachy, and now you have all the time in the world to travel the world. Baby Boomers are particularly characteristic in their ways, especially when they are on holiday. Are you one of them?

#1 You call your kids… every night 

A dollar a minute? Sure.
A dollar a minute? Sure.

Whereever you go, you will always call your kids. However expensive the calls are, (unless you’re the new age type that Skypes) you will never fail to call each and every one of your kids to see if they’re alright.

#2 You are embarrassingly touristy

Must… get… perfect…. angle….

You may not want to admit it, but you are the super tourist. You must visit every temple, every monument and every hotspot before you’re satisfied and consider the trip done. Better yet if there’s a photo momento of every place visited.

#3 You buy back obvious souvenirs

Buy all the koalas!
Buy all the koalas!

Koalas with magnetic paws from Australia, tiny floating market sellers from Thailand and mini statues of liberties from the US, a trip is not complete till you have collected each and every one for you and your extended family.

#4 You use physical travel agencies… to buy budget flights

"That will be $200 for something you could have done yourself!"
“That will be $200 for something you could have done yourself!”

You’re dollar-savvy, so you take a budget flight if it isn’t long haul, but you would rather book it through the travel agency, and spend more in the process. It’s worth it, you claim. Too bad your children don’t think so.

#5 You always take the safe route

Must... be... safe...
Must… be… safe…

Street food’s a no-no, and jaywalking is just unthinkable! You always take the tour group package and follow it.

#6 You always tip!

"And an extra dollar because you look like my son."
“And an extra dollar because you look like my son.”

The bellboy, the waitress, the concierge, whether there’s service charge included or not, you always tip. It’s only right!

What about you nomads? Are you guilty of being any one of these?

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