5 tricks to get sun-kissed beach hair, even in the city

Beach hair = sunkissed tresses with a light tousle. We’re proud to say we’ve got this one down, and as it turns out, it’s ridiculously easy!

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#1 Layers

The easiest way to “fake” waves is with a head full layers. Ask your hair stylist to pack ’em on, this is no time for elegant and sleek. Once you have the layers down, practice flipping, scrunching and messing your hair, and you’ll nail Shay Mitchell’s signature dramatic hair flip.

#2 Highlights

Highlights do all sorts of wonders to your hair: they reflect hair, give it the appearance of texture and shine, and give you that California sun-drenched look. Just ask fashion blogger Jules Sarinara.

#3 Make your own 

Salt sprays are great, albeit very expensive! While we swear by Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist Texturising Spray, a homemade concoction of sea salt, coconut oil, leave in conditioner and warm water — shaken not stirred — will give you Rocky Barnes’ messy look.

#4 Pamper yourself

The sun can damage not just your skin but your hair too,and eek — turn your highlights orange! Cream baths are huge hair treatments in Bali where they use both L’Oreal products — give it a miss because they also have… — traditional homemade avocado recipes. We recommend a relaxing cream bath every few months, which is to say, a trip to Bali a few times a year!

#5 A light-blow out

Ain’t nobody got time for a blowout every morning – beach or city! But we can’t walk into the office every day with wet hair. Keep your hair in a messy braid after a few spritz of your homemade sea salt spray, and lightly blow-dry in the morning before unleashing your hair into the perfect set of messy waves. Voila!

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