5 cities to celebrate New Year's Eve

Happy Thursday Nomads!

With Christmas come and gone, the next big holiday to think about is where to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Here are our choices, where in the world would you celebrate yours?


5. Las Vegas


Sin City, blending all the popular capitals cities of Paris, London and Venice. You can ring in the New Year all around the world!


4. Paris


Paris may be a bit over done but how can we turn down a glass of Champagne and fireworks behind the Eiffel Tower? You can’t!


3. Rio de Janeiro


Copacabana Beach is where the party’s at with crazy bright lights and dancing on the beach all night long!


2. Sydney


The first city to bring in the new year so you can definitely expect a big celebration! If there’s one thing to add to your bucket list, it’s their famous pyrotechnic finale!


1. New York


How can New York not be on the list? With the infamous Ball Drop at Midnight, tons of confetti and an amazing crowd of people around you celebrating, it’s hard not to get into a festive mood!


Photo credits: cetour.net, hillybillyinbrazil, worldwideticketing, mattsinclair, wandermelon.com

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