10 more hidden photo spots around Asia

People may mock us for our Instagram habit, but it proves its worth on vacation, when suddenly everyone wants to take photos and every memory needs capturing. We called on photo whizzes WanderSnap for 10 more great locations around Asia to get that perfect holiday snap, and they did not disappoint.

#1 In Bagan, look for Khaymingha

This is one of the most magical temples in Bagan, and yet the least visited.

#2 In Cebu, look for Balay sa Agta

Discover the Philippine myths behind Argao’s Balay sa Agta and capture the beauty of this quaint province.  

#3 In Chiang Mai, look for San Pareni

Check out San Pareni Hotel’s European-inspired exterior for a very different Chiang Mai ‘gram.

#4 In Hanoi, look for the Railway Village

Witness the local life at its purest here at the nameless street they call ‘Railway Village’.

#5 In Hokkaido, look for Aoiike, The Blue Pond 

Europe or Japan? Definitely make your way down to this crystal clear blue lake located outside the hot spring town of Shirogane Onsen.

#6 In Hong Kong, look for the Hong Kong Railway Museum

With Hong Kong’s ‘hidden’ spots being not-so-hidden anymore, this railway track has a more nostalgic feel than the typical Hong Kong urban setting.

#7 In Macau, look for Travessa da Paixão

This is Macau’s most romantic lane.

#8 In Manila, look for Casa Manila 

Get away from the bustling streets of Manila, and do a mini-photoshoot here at Casa Manila.

#9 In Taiwan, look for Shuiyang Forest

The serene landscape here makes it the perfect spot for a little getaway from the city.

#10 In Yogyakarta, look for Goa Jomblang

Get ready to have your breath taken away by this gigantic cave in Yogyakarta.

WanderSnap is a network of photographers across Asia that you can book for your own personal photo shoots, whether that’s a wedding, family holiday or for your Instagram. Use the code “luxenomad” to get USD15 off your first WanderSnap booking. 

Emma Chong Johnston

Emma is a new mum, compulsive shopper and cityslicker through and through. Perfect holiday: shops, sunshine and gelato (and maybe a babysitter).

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