10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Tired of OOTDs, pictures of children, and birdseye coffee shots? Flood your timeline with worthwhile shots of beautiful destinations, dreamy hotels and unheard-of escapes. It’s been proven that social media is the new-age travel agency and most trips are strongly influenced by Instagram, without the traveller even realising it. So if you want to travel a little further than the nearby coffee shop, click follow on the best travel Instagram accounts that will make your procrastination all the better.

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#1 Beautiful Destinations

The name says it all. Beautiful Destinations is a compilation of travel photography from all over the world, sourced from the best pictures that include the hashtag #beautifuldestinations. Also follow the account’s founder Jeremy Jauncey for a look at what it’s like to travel all over for work.

#2 Journey Wonders

Raphael is only 26-years old but now leads an extraordinary life of travel. After a student trip to Canada, which was his first time abroad, he felt inspired to travel full-time. His hope is to motivate more people to enjoy and empower their own lives, and proving true, makes himself available to chat to his followers and blog readers.

#3 The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten is a beautiful blonde from California, who, not too long ago, left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveller. Since then, she’s travelled to over 50 countries and has knocked some big adventures off her bucket list.

#4 Migrationology

Food, glorious food. Mark Wiens really loves food and travels everywhere to find the best, most authentic cuisine. He reviews restaurants and isn’t afraid to try out local delicacies, but our favourite perk of following his account is his positive attitude and general love of life (and food). It’s contagious.


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#6 Passion Passport

Zach Glassman, the founder of Passion Passport, took a year off to travel and by the end of it, wanted to create opportunities for more people to share their travels in imagery. And that’s how Passion Passport grew into a social place for nomads in 2013.

#7 Girl Eat World

More glorious food! This time, with a bit more artistic flair. Melissa Hei combines her love for the yummiest street food with destination backdrops, transporting Instagrammers from the streets of Kyoto with matcha ice cream to having chocolate-covered strawberries in Belgium.

#8 Chaiwalla

It’s the classic ‘quit job, started travelling’ tale done beautifully through pictures. 29 months into his new life, Allan Hinton of London takes lots of gorgeous architecture shots from interesting perspectives, often including residents in the background for a true feel of the local life.

#9 Jethro Mullen

Mullen reports, writes and edits for CNN Digital out of Hong Kong, enabling him to feature the destination heavily in his feed. We love this account for discovering new gems in Hong Kong. When he’s not taking beautiful night shots of the skyline, he’s travelling elsewhere, such as around the U.S. or England.

#10 The Luxe Nomad 

Much like a virtual vision board for travel, The Luxe Nomad also features beautiful villas that can all be booked on their website. The best part is that these trip suggestions are just a few clicks away, and have been discounted to make luxury travel more affordable. Some of your favourite celebrities and social media personalities also make appearances!

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