How Veen Dee Tan packed for the dreamiest honeymoon on Instagram

After Veen Dee Tan‘s ridiculously beautiful, eminently Instagrammable wedding in Langkawi last September (seriously, watch this video and weep) it was only right that she then go on a ridiculously beautiful, eminently Instagrammable honeymoon. The all-round style-setter did not disappoint. She and husband Haan set off to Turkey for a month of road-tripping down the coastal line, sunbathing on balconies, sipping mint tea in caves (really) and taking the most jaw-dropping photos.



The best part? She even orchestrated a DIY wedding photo shoot in her blush pink Khoon Hooi wedding gown. “I’m not always this extra!” she laughs. “I was disappointed when my photographer didn’t take lots of pictures with me and the dress, and so I decided to take it by myself. I was thinking, I am never going to wear it again, so why not? It wasn’t that difficult, I hand-carried it.”



“I have always wanted to tick Cappadocia off my bucket list, so I made Haan oblige! I made a list of the top five things that I wanted to do/eat/experience in Turkey. They were: visit a spice market, live in a cave, go horse riding through the ranches, go to a local kebab store, and do a coastal drive around Turkey.”



“I am a super organised packer! I packed my outfits right down to each day so that I wouldn’t mess up my bag. The left side of my bag was my winter coats because I always needed to take them out, the other side of my bag was outfits according to days. I don’t believe in packing basics, I believe in packing a few colour popping/eye-catching pieces so I can create new outfits with them during my trip.”

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“Roll all your clothes. Also try to avoid having small bags that keep your hands busy – I always chuck all small items in one bag. For example, all my beauty products, accessories and skincare go in just one bag, rather than three separate bags.”



“My favourite Turkey experience was spending my birthday in a cave hotel in the Sultan Cave Suites. We got the suite and had a private balcony. I got to wake up to a sea of hot air balloons all over the sky, it was unforgettable and mesmerising.”



“I loved our road trip too. We drove along the coastal line and it was so beautiful, I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it. Imagine having numerous caves to your right and a blue turquoise sea to your left. We made a few stops and converted our car to a shift bed for the night, and just read for hours while eating our packed food. I’d do it all over again.”


“Angles and outfits! They’re the key to great holiday instagrams. An interesting outfit gives life to a boring background while an interesting background gives life to a boring outfit so play the card wisely!”



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Emma Chong Johnston

Emma is a new mum, compulsive shopper and cityslicker through and through. Perfect holiday: shops, sunshine and gelato (and maybe a babysitter).

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