This Week in Travel: New Hotels for Germaphobes

#1 Hotels for Germaphobes 

Image from Hotel Ottilia

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

What: Do germs – your own or anyone else’s – freak you out? If so, we’ve got a couple of hotels for you! Hotel Herman K and Hotel Ottilia in Copenhagen have integrated a Teflon-like coating that is transparent and odourless into their rooms. This new coating technology is activated by sunlight, allowing the rooms to fully disinfect themselves each morning – without any human soul having to wipe or scrub. The coating has been found to eliminate influenza, salmonella, mould and allergens. It can allegedly purify the air for up to a year, getting rid of cigarette smoke or other nasty scents.

#2 Virgin Galactic took its first passenger to space

Image from Virgin Galactic

Where: The edge of space

What: If you’re dreaming of heading beyond our atmosphere, your dreams are looking more realistic. The Virgin Galactic spacecraft, Unity, recently brought its first test passenger into space. Unity has reached the edge of space before, but only with the two pilots. The addition of the passenger, therefore, might not sound like a big deal, but this validates the design of the cabin.

Still no word on when Unity will be accepting paying passengers, but tickets are expected to cost US$250,000.

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#3 Lucky to sue passenger for trying to create luck

Where: Anqing Tianzhushan Airport

What: China’s Lucky Air is pursuing legal action against one of its passengers. The passenger-in-question was meant to be on a flight from Anhui to Kunming and is being sued for tossing coins into one of the aircraft’s engines before boarding.

The passenger claims that by doing so, he was keeping the flight safe. In all reality, however, he was merely destroying the engines and making sure the flight could not take off. Lucky Air has stated that the incident resulted in US$21,000 worth of losses!

#4 Qatar Airways played host to a fashion show

Image from Newsskill

Where: Onboard a Qatar Airways G650 private jet

What: To celebrate this year’s Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, Qatar Airways organised a show on one of its private jets. The show featured the stylings of Chinese designers Grace Chen and Beau Han Xu.

As Qatar Airways Senior VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications put it, “What better way to highlight Grace and Beau’s magnificent designs than to showcase them against the backdrop of a Qatar Executive jet – the epitome of luxury and refinement.”

We’re not entirely sure how we feel about the show’s location… Impressed? Confused? Both? Then again, all you need for a proper fashion show is a runway, and Qatar Airways would know those well.

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