This Week in Travel: Have You Seen This ‘Hot Security Dude’ in Changi Airport?

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” — anonymous

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#1 A Religious Malaysian Group Wants to Rename ‘Hot Dogs’ 

No dogs were harmed in the making of this snack
No dogs were harmed in the making of this fast food

Who: The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (MIDD), Malaysians, and the real victim—innocent Aunty Anne’s Pretzels, known for their delicious swirls of cinnamon bread.

Where: Malaysia.

What: The popular American fast food kiosk in malls, Aunty Anne’s, is thought by a few to confuse the Muslim population with their “pretzel dog”. The MIDD has now reached out to the American headquarters requesting they rename it to something less of a question mark. The move is strongly opposed by the rakyat (the people), whom, through interviewing for opinions, have never doubted the source of meat in a hot dog is not, erm, canine. Some government leaders are also against the “stupid and backward” decision. Nazri Aziz, the minister for Malaysian Tourism and Culture, remarked, “Hot dog is hot dog lah. Even in Malay, it’s called hot dog—it’s been around for so many years.”

#2 Tea Seller Goes Viral, Now a Model

Who: Arshad Khan, a humble #ChaiWala in his daily grind.

Where: Peshawar, Pakistan.

What: Local photog Jiah Ali was walking around the Islamabad market when she Instagrammed a ridiculously good looking blue-eyed tea maker at his stall. Amazed by the affect Khan had on girls worldwide, Ali returned to the market to meet him personally and suss him out for the swooning Internet. Khan admits that he’s confused by the overnight fame but eager to say yes to any modelling or acting offers that may come by. Lo and behold, he know appears on, an online shopping site in Pakistan. We’ll drink to that.

#3 Keep a Lookout for This Leng Chai at Changi 

Who: Lee Min Wei, a corporal in Certis Cisco, the company that provides security services for Changi Airport.

Where: He’s at T2 Departure, according to a ‘fan’ query answered by Changi Airport Singapore‘s Facebook page.

What: It all began with a tweet featuring Lee’s face by Certis Cisco. After gaining countless traction online, Changi Airport decided to share another picture of Lee on their social media (yes he’s the #ChaiWalla of Singapore). The post revealed more information about our mystery man, mainly that he’s focused on his career and isn’t looking for a relationship. Buzzfeed has covered the story, adding that many social media users now want to fly to Singapore just to meet him.

#4 If You’re Travelling to Thailand Anytime Soon…

Koh Phi Phi

Who: Visitors and residents.

Where: Thailand.

What: The entire country and all its islands are in a one year mourning period following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej last Thursday. At least for the first 30 days, residents have been asked to dress in black and avoid engaging in “festivities”. For now, many restaurants, bars, and clubs are closed or open during certain hours. Tourists have been advised to be respectful and refrain from any behaviour that may be interpreted as festive. Transportation, banks, and other public services will operate as usual.

#5 Gooood Morning, Sydney! 

Hidden gem in one of Sydney’s most desirable neighbourhoods

Who: Trendy travellers will surely appreciate this contemporary-styled stay.

Where: Sydney View in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

What: Say hello to The Luxe Nomad’s gorgeous, brand new 1-bedroom apartment in Victoria St, Potts Point. Expect spectacular views of Sydney City and Sydney Harbour bridge, with access to the building’s rooftop, complete with swimming pool (with views) and outdoor breakfast/BBQ area. With the crisp lines of the property’s design, it’s the perfect place to relax and indulge yourself in all the comfort there is on offer.

Find your sweet spot

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