This Week in Travel: World firsts and records

#1 London to get a 360-degree view infinity pool

Image from Compass Pools

If you were looking to plan a catch-up, know that you’ll never find me at the pictured rooftop pool in London that is now in its planning stages. The pool in question is a 360-degree infinity pool that will stand on top of a 55-story building. To be made from cast acrylic and feature transparent sides and floors, the pool is certain to be a heart attack in the making for those who suffer from acrophobia (the irrational fear of heights).

Construction on the pool is slated to begin in 2020.

#2 World’s tallest sand castle is in Germany(?)

Photo: Getty Images

Germany and seaside resorts sound like quite the paradox, but the town of Binz on the Baltic Sea is in the news this week after the creation of the world’s tallest sand castle. During the annual Sand Sculptures Festival in Binz, the record-breaking 17.66-metre high castle was constructed. The castle has been under construction since May and resembles a city out of “Game of Thrones”. It comes complete with a dragon, towering turrets and, of course, a sea view.

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#3 Bahrain underwater theme park featuring Boeing jet set to open

Image from Dive Bahrain

A 100,000 square metre underwater theme park off the coast of Bahrain is set to open in August. The park will feature a sunken Boeing 747. The 70-metre plane is the largest ever to be submerged. Bahrain is hoping to attract divers from around the world to the site which will also be home to a replica pearl merchant’s house, artificial coral reefs and art sculptures. The park is due to open in August.

#4 Canada’s new bill bans whale and dolphin captivity

Photo by Tammi Baliszewski on Unsplash

Canada’s House of Commons has passed a bill making it illegal to hold whales, dolphins or porpoises captive. This means no more of the animals in aquariums! The only time these mammals can be held is if they’re being rehabilitated, have been recused or are licensed for “scientific research”. The bill will now go to the Senate to gain “royal assent” before becoming law. There shouldn’t be any opposition as the bill was already introduced to the Senate in 2015.

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