This Week in Travel: The Most Googled Travel Question of 2016

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction.” — unknown

#1 Kim & North…ern Lights

Who: Kimberly Noelle Kardashian.

Where: In a video uploaded onto YouTube.

What: Love the Northern Lights? Sure you do, they’re a fantastic sight! Whether you’re equally in admiration of Mrs. West, this (strange) clip does look good. LOVE Magazine launched  holiday advent calendar starring models, with Kim as the face of Day 12. There’s some strange audio at the start of the video which might make you wonder if you’ve got music from other tabs open. You don’t. It’s just your girl, Kim, somewhat back from an online break following her traumatising robbery in Paris.

#2 The Most Googled Travel Question of 2016 

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Who: Anyone and everyone that uses the Google search engine.


What: Apparently, way too many people don’t know where Bali is located. The most Googled travel-related search of 2016 is none other than “Where is Bali?”. To clear up any confusion, Bali is in Indonesia, although as one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, a lot of people assume its a country on its own. And its just a three-hour-long or so plane ride from most countries in Southeast Asia. Also ranking high in Google searches are “What to do in Vegas?” and “What to do in San Fransisco?”. Wonder what 2017 will bring…

#3 For Once, We’re Fans of Instagram’s New Update


Who: Instagram users.

Where: Our social media of choice, Instagram.

What: Social media has been pinpointed as the biggest influence to where we choose to travel (darn those sneaky, dreamy beach shots). Well now, Instagram has taken a good thing and made it greater. There’s now a ‘saved’ tab that only you can see (phew), allowing you to safely store pictures without taking up space in your phone. And, no one will ever know you’ve saved one of their ‘grams. We can imagine this new feature coming in handy for planning out specific itineraries based on what you see in your feed, like all the most photogenic places in Kyoto, or the best looking brunches at cafes and restaurants in Singapore. So the next time you see a post you want to save, tap the bookmark icon on the bottom right corner of the post.

#4 There’s a Tiny Mouse Cafe in Sweden! 

Who: Mice.

Where: Malmö in Sweden.

What: Watch your step. A tiny cafe and shop has just popped up behind a basement window on the street. It’s called “Il Topolino”, the Italian name for Mickey Mouse, and inside you’ll (squint to) see teeny tiny tables and chairs, and decor like posters for mouse-themed films as well as a bicycle. Right next to it is “Noix de Vie”, a shop where mice might be able to buy mice necessities, whatever they may be—cheese? The mastermind behind mouse-dining goes by Anonymouse MMX, who mused that the idea for this street art embraces a world where mice live parallel lives to humans.

#5 Put Some Tahani on it

Breathtaking villa with amazing views, interior, facilities and services

Who: Large groups of family and friends with a celebration or just celebrating each other.

Where: Villa Tahani in Koh Samui.

What: Merging an ambiance of a private villa and luxury resort, Villa Tahani is a breathtaking hilltop property that oozes relaxation and sophistication. The property can accommodate up to 12 adults and 1 child, featuring a master bedroom, and 6 guest rooms which includes a smaller a kids/nanny room. Each of the bedrooms feature either an ocean or garden view with timber flooring and minimalist decor. A fully-equipped kitchen, private pool, spa room, gym, media room, sauna, private club with DJ booth, tennis court and full staff complete this idyllic getaway.

The gift of a surprise vacation

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