This Week in Travel: Stop Stealing Bricks From The Great Wall of China, Please

“Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan” — Anonymous

#1 “Don’t Put Your Hands on My Flight Attendant”

Who: A very brash drunk passenger identified as Michael Kerr, aged 25.

Where: On board an American Airlines flight from Kentucky to North Carolina.

What: Two things you never do: get drunk on a flight, and hit a woman. In a video taken by another passenger, the man is attempting to exit the landed aircraft before the plane has even reached the gate. An FBI affidavit adds that Kerr threatened the air stewardess who was trying to stop him, before pushing her to the floor. The pilot immediately takes Kerr down and restraints him. He’s out on bail and is banned from flying while he awaits trial. Kerr was reportedly drunk on Kentucky’s finest whiskey he was drinking on the flight

#2 So a Leopard Walks into a Hotel Room…

See leopards in a safari and have an undisturbed good night’s sleep

Who: Newlyweds Sumit and Shivani Rathore. Leopard unnamed.

Where: On their honeymoon at the Nainital Hotel Uttarakhand, India.

What: The wedding crasher was running late (despite running fast) and woke the couple up with the sound of breaking glass in the middle of the night. They ran to a corner instinctively but the unimpressed leopard headed for the bathroom instead. Sumit quickly shut the door and called the management. When forest rangers arrived on the scene, the leopard had already fled the scene, probably through the back door. Rangers assume the leopard was simply looking for a hideout away from a pack of stray dogs.

#3 To the Moon and Back 

More attainable destinations for the summer

Who: A company called Moon Express with a clear vision in mind.

Where: The Moon.

What: The Federal Aviation Administration has approved Moon Express’s request to send a robotic lander to the Moon. The company is partaking in an international competition by Google with a $30 million prize to the first private company able to send a vehicle to the Moon’s surface and with this, they’re now in first place. What might happen after, is hinted by Moon Express Chairman Naveen Jain who told Popular Science “We see this as a first step in providing humanity with a plan B, rather than living on a single point of failure called Spaceship Earth.” And here’s one small step for you (win a Luxe Nomad Weekender bag), while they take one giant step for mankind.

#4 Not Just Another Brick on the Wall

Buy a nice tea set or Chinese silk instead

Who: Visitors with a very bad habit.

Where: The Great Wall of China, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What: Built from the third century B.C to the Ming Dynasty until 1644, the wall kept intruders away but it’s no match for  tourists. 30% of the Ming Dynasty-built section of the wall has already disappeared although it’s not completely the fault of tourists, as natural erosion is also to blame. With only 10% considered well preserved, China will soon have spot checks in 15 provinces, regions and municipalities to look for bricks used to build houses or as souvenirs. And if you know of a suspect, you can also call the tip line.

 #5 One For Your Snow Cravings

Read our guide to Niseko to get started

Who: 1 to 8 adults.

Where: Kamui Niseko in Annupuri, Niseko

What: The architectural design of the Kamui Niseko is strongly influenced by the surrounding environment. By using the same colours for the materials as the snow and trees, the building blends nicely with the unique tranquillity of the Annupuri area. The shape of the building is designed to overlook the spectacular view from each room including the bedrooms, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows also provide magnificent views of Mt. Yotei or Mt. Konbudakes.

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