Suitcases You Can Scoot on & other Crazy Travel Inventions

Where do mad scientists gather? In the past, they huddled in their private labs, but in recent years, is the place to be. Here are 7 crazy travel inventions on Kickstarter that need to be funded in the name of travel efficiency… or just because.

#1 The Collar Perfect 

What it is: A portable iron the size of your palm that can iron anything.
Why it’s cool: Other than being punny… it’s pretty nifty even if you aren’t travelling and are irked by the smallest of creases in life.

#2 The Malemaker 

What it is: It’s a cool bag for dudes, made out of sturdy aluminium and burlap. They use old coffee bags, which is 100% hipster approved.

Why it’s cool: Because it fits just about everything, is inspired by masonry bags and get this – your bag will be made by an old leather bag factory in Hungary which is going through some tough times and funding this project will help them too. They ( do everything by hand and are super talented. Be a man and lend a hand, will ya?

#3 The 4-in-1 Salt Pack 

What it is: A tiny shoe-size bag that will transform itself into a gargantuan mountain backpacker bag.

Why it’s cool: You can choose 4 sizes (duh), it has a waterproof compartment and with every Salt Pack order, they will remove a 2 pound bag of plastic from one of the huge ocean garbage patches through Clean up the Ocean Society. It’s 5-in-1, really – 4 bags, one imaginary one for goodwill.

#4 The neXtstep

What it is: It’s a ingenious luggage which has a handle that transforms into a chair, or a luggage rack.

Why it’s cool: Because we know that not all airports have ample seating and if you’re a germaphobe, you won’t be sitting where (many) butts have landed before.

#5 The Hendo Hoverboard 

What it is: A HOVER BOARD.

Why it’s cool: In the movie Back to the Future, we were promised a hoverboard… well, now. You can get one at a cool 10k, but if you don’t, help contribute toward a hoverable future in technology. Seriously, what’s NOT cool about this???

#6 Olaf Scooters 

What it is: Luggage you can scoot on.

Why it’s cool: Because it’s named after Anna and Elsa’s best ice friend (didn’t you watch Frozen?) and because it can be a luggage, a backpack, a shopping trolley, plus a kickscooter. There are all kinds of other cool features too but they had us at scooting.

#7 The Pronto

What it is: A hyper charger than can give you a full battery in 5 minutes.

Why it’s cool: The Pronto 5 can get you 3 full charges for an iPhone 5 whereas the Pronto 12 can get you 9 full charges, all in less than an hour. How long does it take to charge itself? Less than an hour! This needs to be a thing.

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Do you have any cool travel gadgets to share, nomads? 

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