Stephen Fry’s Lessons on British Etiquette

Heathrow Airport teamed up with the most British Brit, Stephen Fry, for a cheery welcome to tourists in the UK. The advertisement gives out lessons in the unspoken rules of British etiquette — chatting about the weather, the love of long queues, and cheering when someone drops a glass in  pub. If you need an introduction to not just the UK, but to that classic British sense of humour, start right here with Stephen Fry.

And of course, he’s dressed in a tweed suit.

And while you’re in the UK, we have a couple of recommendations ourselves — pub grub at The Hour Glass and all our other favourite foodie spots, the best places to get your caffeine fix (freshly ground coffee at Everbean on Mayfair!) and some hidden gems in London too, including a tour of Henry VII’s wine cellar.

Can’t forget about London hotels either!

Check them out right here

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