Silfra Crack: An Unbelievable Dive Between Two Continents


If you can’t experience it for yourself (at least not right now) the next best thing is to watch the wonder happen right before your… screen. Or at least this will get you pumped up and inspired to start your new year on adventurous foot.

There’s a place called Silfra Crack in Thingvellir National Park, Iceland where North America and Europe meet. The crack is slowly drifting apart which causes an earthquake once a decade or so, but it’s also one of the most spectacular dive sites. Where else in the world can you touch two separate continents with your bare hands? The waters are a crystal clear shade of blue, with visibility extending over 300 feet where the earth rips apart. So clear is the water, that you can actually drink it. If you need to.

Watch as Alex Mustard, an underwater photographer takes the dive as Silfra. See, you can be at two places at once. And if this gets your heart racing, start planning next year’s itinerary with help from our best spots to learn how to dive and bucket list for the intrepid traveller. Good luck, nomads!

Let the adventure begin. 

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