Are you a serial traveller? 13 signs that prove you are.

#1 You follow all the social media feeds of all the airlines

Can you resist the siren's call? We can't.
Can you resist the siren’s call? We can’t.

For the greatest deals on last minute flights and last minute holidays!

#2 Long weekends are never for resting

Unless it was spent at work.
Unless it was spent at work.

It’s for a quickie getaway, made better with one more leave date to make it 4 days long.

#3 You feel tired, but not from work, from your scuba trip

But you'd do it over again and again and again.
But you’d do it over again and again and again.

Because sleep is for the dead.

#4 You almost don’t leave house without your passport

Because travel is but an animal that cannot be tamed.
Because travel is but an animal that cannot be tamed.

Just in case, you know?

#5 You know the basics of 16 different languages

But when "where's the toilet" escapes you, all you've got is sign language.
But when “where’s the toilet” escapes you, all you’ve got is sign language.

You probably can’t hold a conversation, but you know how to say hi, goodbye, thank you and can count from 1 to 10.

#6 Your friends use you as a duty-free mule

But we'd like the duty-free goodies to ourselves, too!
But we’d like the duty-free goodies to ourselves, too!

Because you pass duty-free as often as they go to the supermarket.

#7 You could work part-time as a tour guide

"And over there's where I met my first vacay fling..."
“And over there’s where I met my first vacay fling…”

You’ve got something to recommend at every city and every turn, so among your friends you’re normally the (unpaid) tour guide. Well, at least you know what you can do if you ever need a job.

#8 You never buy jumbo size of anything

And why should you? These things are soo cuuutee.

Because all of your toiletries, ingredients, food supplies and makeup are all in teeny tiny travel sizes.

#9 The airport staff know you

"Your usual seat, sir?"
“Your usual seat, sir?”

And you probably have your favourite cabin crew member, too.

#10 You have jar of loose change in mixed currencies

Maybe you should try dumping the lot in the wishing pond and ask for the new iPhone.
Maybe you should try dumping the lot in the wishing pond and try for the new iPhone 6.

Which you have no idea what to do with.

#11 You have seriously considered moving next to the airport

Or having a private jet.
Or having a private jet.

Because it’s so much easier and would save a lot of time. Plus, the sound of flying planes is practically your lullaby.

#12 You never need to clear leave
Because planning your next trip is on everyday’s to-do list.

Leave? Oh you’ve got that cleared up and meticulously planned out for the next year before Christmas.

#13 Your fridge has more diversity than that of the intercontinental hotel’s kitchen.

"What do you mean I don't need this? It's handmade vegan cheese!"
“What do you mean I don’t need this? It’s handmade vegan cheese you can’t find here!”

Blue cheese from Paris, chocolate from Italy, salmon toppings from Japan, your fridge is as intercontinental as you are.

If you’ve related to more than half of these, congratulations, you’re a serial traveller. What’s your score, nomads?

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  1. Add to the list:

    – You carry a little box full of sim cards wherever you go (and secretly think it’s quite cool)

    – You dress to minimise hassle in security (no belts, no watch)

    – You know the customs alcohol allowance for at least 10 countries

    – You consider Priority Pass a part of your taxes

    – You laugh arrogantly when your friends talk about turning up 2 hours before the flight

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