Photo Diary: Peony Lim in Alila Villas Soori, Bali

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Location: Alila Villas Soori, Bali

The most perfect black sand beach resort in the world. When the door opened to our villa I actually gasped it was so beautiful.



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After arriving off two flights and an hour and half car ride (which had wifi – genius!), I was jet lagged and not really in the mood to be impressed. We arrived at reception (which was beautiful with a large square pond) and were offered a much needed cold towel and refreshing ice tea. I started to relax…

After a quick passport copy we were led past the spa, large pool, bar and restaurant; down a path with lush palm trees and tall grass to our villa. We turned into a doorway and up a few stairs, the double door to the villa was opened and we stepped through into paradise. The courtyard wrapping each villa has a deck with a sofa and breakfast table, a private eternity pool and the most breathtaking (I really mean it took my breath away) view of the black sand beach that runs the length of the resort.

Every part of this resort was lovely, from the attentive discreet staff that always had my best intentions at heart (including warning me of shellfish in dishes – I’m allergic), to the food (which was mind-blowing asian fusion), and the spa (modern, cool and dark, instantly making you feel calm and relaxed, I had the Balinese massage it was bliss) and finally the beach which can not be adequately described.

The sand is so fine and soft that you can barely feel it between your toes, it’s so black and clean that it glitters like nero marble. The Alila is the only resort on the beach so you share it only with other guests (of whom we saw only a few at supper, although the resort was quite full) and a few locals at the far ends.

I really can’t recommend this resort enough, I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of luxury resorts and this really is one of the most memorable and beautiful beach locations I have been too. I’m desperate to go again and visit their other location.

You can book the Alila Villas with The Luxe Nomad. I recommend the First Floor Villas half way down for the best privacy and view.

I just wanted to finish with a huge thank you to the lovely women at The Luxe Nomad for making my trip possible. It exceeded all my expectations.

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