Your Next Trip: Number Four, Privet Drive

Calling all Potterheads, Warner Bros. Studios in London is running tours of Harry’s not-so-happy-childhood home in Privet Drive from May 27 to June 6. Excited yet? You’ll feel even more nostalgic after you watch the promotional video, starring Aunt Petunia herself. “It’s always good to be home,” she says in the video. No doubt Harry would disagree.

So what’s in store for the tour? For starters, a living room full of letters! The scene appear in the  very first installment of the movies; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,  when Harry receives his letter of enrollment from Hogwarts. You know, the one where the 11-year-old decides to jump up and down to try and catching one of the letters pouring in like rain… instead of just picking one up from the floor. Fiona Shaw, who plays Aunt Petunia, reveals that the whole cast helped pick up the letters after wrapping up the scene,”because there were thousands!”

Race you to the nearest Portkey?

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