Where To find K-Pop Stars on Holiday

Where do K-pop stars go during their rare bouts of free time? What do you do when you’re wildly famous and filthy rich? We did a bit of investigative sleuthing about in their Instagram accounts (they are cryptic) and found out some of their fave destinations.

#1 Taeyeon from Girl’s Generation

Spotted in: UK, US, NYC

#2 Lee Hongki from FTisland

Spotted in: Tokyo and several parts of Japan
Rumoured to be in Paris as well, but no concrete evidence of that.

#3 G-Dragon from Big Bang

Spotted: Chengdu, Tokyo


#4 CL from 2NE1

Spotted in: Singapore, Brazil

#5 Siwon from Super Junior

Spotted in: Indonesia, Italy

#6 Taeyang from Big Bang

Spotted in: San Francisco, Paris

#7 Hyuna from 4Minute

Spotted in: Stockholm, Sweden, Austin, Texas

#8 Sooyoung of Girl’s Generation

Spotted in: Paris, Las Vegas

#9 Key from Shinee

Spotted in: Africa, Santa Monica, California.

Main photo: 1. 
All photos credit to the respective instagrammers.
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