Is this Real Life? ShelfPack Is a Legit Dresser on Wheels

Meet ShelfPack, a debatable life-changer in the travel industry.

We can’t be the only ones that fall into one, if not all of the following types of travellers:

a. living out of a suitcase. Crinkle shirts galore
b. never having your “NERD” tee when you actually need it
c. thinking you’ve forgotten to pack socks, only to find them when it’s too late

And apparently, we’re not. Because ShelfPack has recognised the need for nomads who literally want to bring their entire wardrobe with them on vacation. Four built-in shelves, three outer compartments, ball-bearing wheels and all. It stands at 4’2 feet tall and weighs 7.71kg. As brilliant as it sounds, we’re not entirely convinced just yet. On a scale of IKEA to 10, how sturdy can this thing really be?

But if having your “NERD” shirt with you surpasses the risk of embarrassment at customs (we can just imagine them ogling at this pop-up cupboard), then the price to pay is USD350.

The first shipment for ShelfPacks go out in August. If you’d like to get your own, you can do so here.

Test it out on your next vacation. We know a place (more less). 

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