How to: Dress on your Greece Holiday like Chriselle Lim

You might remember that we hosted fashion blogger Chriselle Lim in Santorini, Greece earlier this August at Armeni Villas and Thireas Hotel. In the video below, Chriselle gives us a little snapshot of her getaway and nails the Grecian goddess vibe. Here’s how to dress on your Greece holiday Chriselle-style!

#1 Dress Down

Now that's a dress (and view)!
Now that’s a dress (and view)!

It doesn’t matter what shape, length or style, dresses are the way to go while holidaying in Greece. Whether they are lacy, striped, printed, off-shoulder, backless or a stunning statement maxi, you just can’t go wrong.

#2 Hat’s Off

You don't need a boat for this chic boater!
You don’t need a boat for this chic boater!

When the sun’s out in full force, you’ll need some extra protection in addition to your sunblock. Like Chriselle, we love Eugenia Kim, but here’s a boater from Lack of Color that costs way less.

#3 Full Metal Jacket

Which one to wear???
Which one to wear???

Keep it classic with a twist with a pair of metal frame sunglasses. Nothing beats Chriselle’s round-frame gold-tone Ray Bans, but 2015’s sunglasses du jour is undoubtedly Dior’s Technologic (the So Real’s are so last season psssshhh).

#4 Tie it Up

Those are shoes worthy of Hermes (the god that is)!
Those are shoes worthy of Hermes (the god that is)!

We can’t stress enough how obsessed we are with gladiator sandals. They’re perfect to pack, great for walking around and provide all-round glamour to any outfit. What’s not to love?

#5 Hey, Shorty

Pair them with gladiators and you're good to go!
Pair them with gladiators and you’re good to go!

You need to show some skin while on holiday! Denim shorts are an island staple if you ask us, while a more delicate eyelet lace pair can be dressed up for cool sunset cocktails.

TLN Tip: Check out the view from Armeni Villas on Day 4 or have a gander here and here for more details on Chriselle’s trip!

Read before you go: Check out our How To Holiday in Greece Like an Olympian God guide, you know, if you want an escape of celestial proportions.

Holiday like a Greek god!

Photos by Evan Jackson (main, 1, 4, 5) Karen Rosalie (3) via The Chriselle Factor.

Video: Chriselle Lim YouTube

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