Guy’s Guide: Upcoming Concerts in Asia including The XX, Jamiroquai, Gorillaz, Britney Spears & Daft Punk?

Need some reasons to travel this summer?  These upcoming concerts in Asia are worth booking a plane ticket. Here’s looking at you Japan.

#1 The XX 

Where & When: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore, July 25th

What: The XX haven’t toured in over three years.  And now, following the recent release of their third studio album I See You, they’ve announced only two dates in Asia: Singapore on July 25th and as part of the Fuji Rock Festival on July 28th. The XX shouldn’t be missed for a dose of the gritty yet glorious London life reminiscent of early ’90s Brit-pop.

#2 Air 

Where & When: Esplande Theatre, Singapore, May 27th

What: A one-off stop in Asia, Air hasn’t released an album of new work since 2014’s Music for Museum. That isn’t to say their 2016 anthology of 20 years worth of music isn’t worth picking up for some aural nostalgia. The Singapore concert marks the first time they will play in the city-state and will be one of only three scheduled worldwide appearances this summer.

#3 The Pharcyde

Where & When: Old Man’s, Canggu, Bali, April 15th

What: Bringing you some old-school hip-hop in some very tropical locales, The Pharcyde has been resuscitated from the early ’90s for a few dates in Asia. If you can’t make it to Bali, there’s also scheduled dates in Singapore, Hong Kong and Koh Samui over the Easter long weekend.

#4 Jamiroquai 

Where & When: Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, May 25th

What: If ever there was a comeback kid….Jamiroquai just dropped a brand new album, and while still managing to remain distinctly ‘Jamiroquai’ (headgear in various forms included) he’s updated his sound with a neo-disco-acid-rock vibe (is that a thing?) that proves he’s still one beat ahead of the current musical pulse. Tokyo will be his only stop in Asia this summer, so for those looking to stay ahead of the musical curve, ya might want to beeline it to this show.

#5 Gorillaz  

Where & When: Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba Ski Resort, Japan, July 28th – 30th

What: With a new album being released April 28th (after 7 years of silence) and four videos dropped in rapid succession including the above Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) in 360° pano mode, the hype is certainly there for Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s return. Being the only Asian date on their very, very limited festival tour, Fuji Rock should be an unmissable event for fans throughout the region. Oh, there’s also Bjork, LCD Soundsystem, Aphex Twin, Rhye, Lorde, Queens of the Stone Age, and The XX in the lineup. See ya there.

#6 Sigur Rós 

Where & When: Forum, Tokyo, July 31st & Aug 1st  — Zepp, Osaka, Aug 3rd – Aug 4th

What: If you missed them in 2016, you’re in luck. Playing only two cities in Japan for the Asian leg of their tour, we can’t think of a more moody, aural indulgence than an Icelandic midsummer’s night dream in either Tokyo or Osaka.

#7 Devendra Banhart

Where & When: Billboard Live, Tokyo, May 10th

What: The Venezuelan/American who struck a chord in millions of hearts with the 2005 release of Cripple Crow has continued to pluck away at melancholic melodies that have earned him die-hard fans the world over. His ninth studio album Ape in Pink Marble was released last year and this summer he takes it on the road to Coachella, select European cities and Tokyo. Slightly darker than his previous albums, it’s still classic Banhart and seeing him live in Tokyo would make for a great, super-date idea.

#8 Britney Spears 

Where & When: Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium, Tokyo, June 3rd, 4th, 6th & Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, June 15th

What: It’s Britney B*tch…and it’s kind of awesome. We can’t imagine the frenzy of the Manila crowd for Ms. Spears and sheerly for the sake of energy, has all the makings of an unforgettable concert. Sure she’s a little past her prime, and sure ‘Glory’ was more or less a flop, but Britney lives on, and we’re on board.

#9 Crystal Castles  

Where & When: Millian, Singapore, May 23rd 

What: One of our favorite videos of last year (because we’ve all been there, done that) the Canadian electronic group who first formed in 2007 is hitting the road after rebuilding and slightly re-branding after lead singer Alice Glass quit the band. Fans may debate how Crystal Castles can in fact be Crystal Castles without Glass, but new recruit Edith Frances holds her own if not being slightly more accessible. Their gritty, post-industrial sound isn’t for everyone, but seeing how Frances manages the live show has definitely piqued our interest.

#10 Daft Punk

Where & When: 

What: With an article/interview released by Mixmag on April 1st, the internet was in a frenzy (yours truly included) about the announcement of a 25-date world tour kicking off in Beijing and including stops in Seoul, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Tokyo. The “R△CK and R▽LL” tour, however seems to be a cruel April Fool’s joke…or does it? With sleuths pointing out that some of the venue names were rather questionable (Club Falso, Lol Angeles, Davis Concert Fool and Montre Imbécile to name but a few), it does seem unlikely that the tour is legit, but more than a few rumour mills have been churning out hype that they are slated to perform at Coachella. They haven’t been on the road since 2007, but with recent hits with The Weeknd (Starboy was shockingly the first No. 1 hit Daft Punk has ever had) 2017 might just see them popping up live. As the old adage goes: Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Sleep like a Rock Star. 

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