The Luxe Nomads: What we love about Malaysia

Malaysia turns 55 this 16 September (not to be confused with the nation’s 61 years of independence), so The Luxe Nomad’s Malaysian team is celebrating by recalling what we love about our country.

Stephanie Chai, Founder and CEO
“I love MALAYSIANS most of all! I love that we are open, warm and always welcoming. Our Malaysia Boleh attitude has seen us through thick and thin, and no matter the odds, we have always kept a good sense of humour. Just look at all the comments from people during our last election, the commentary on social media was just as entertaining as the events that unfolded.”

Janelle Lee, Finance Manager
“I love how you can find food at literally every street corner and never ever have to go hungry.”

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Emma Chong Johnston, Editor-in-Chief, WanderLuxe
“I love Malaysia because you can get deep-fried food and ice cold Milo at any time of the day, and because you can walk out of the house in just a t-shirt, whatever the weather. And because this one time I took an Uber home at 4am after a night out, and the driver spent half an hour telling me how he used to be an inventor but a major company [name redacted] stole all his patents and discredited him but he doesn’t bear them any ill-will because inventing is his life’s calling. And I just can’t imagine that happening anywhere else in the world.”

Felicity Nayong, Finance Nomad
“I love our ‘open house’ concept, where we open our homes to family and friends during cultural and religious festivals. As a child, it was how I learnt about other cultures and was introduced to their delicious cuisines. I have fond memories of looking forward to Hari Raya to eat beef rendang and ketupat, and Chinese New Year to watch the new year’s eve fireworks and lion dance performances.”

Curry laksa Kuala Lumpur lonely planet ultimate eats
Curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur is No.2 on Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist! Photo: Noahs Knight/Unsplash

Niroshini Gwendolyn De Silva, Concierge Nomad
“The food, of course, and the fact that our country is a multicultural haven. Malaysians are famous for their love of food and you won’t have trouble finding yummy cuisines no matter what time it is. Quote from a friend, there’s no other place like home when someone can say ‘Anneh, you want to makan here or tapau?’”

Andrea Tim, Deputy Editor, WanderLuxe
“Nowhere else in the world do people make excuses like Malaysians. (So jam lah! No parking! Waze brought me on the long route!) But the one time I take no issue with excuses is when extra public holidays are declared on top of the many we already have. Malaysia wins the Thomas Cup? Holiday. Malaysia tops the medal tally at the SEA Games? Holiday. Malaysia gets a new government? Holiday!”

Elaine Choong, Head of Partnerships
“I’m always so grateful for our multicultural society that has provided us with delicious food, from my favourite banana leaf rice to nasi lemak to char kuay teow.”

Amanda Choo, Property Management Associate
“I love exploring and finding out a little bit more about everyone’s culture and of course the food! You will never go hungry being hosted or welcomed in the house of any Malaysian.”

Joey Woo, Head of Concierge
“I love Malaysia for its diversity – from growing up celebrating different cultural festivals, to being spoilt with a multitude of rojak cuisine, to our unique Manglish-lah!”

Yu Ming Koon, Nomad Travel Curator
“I love that we have so many people from different nationalities who have chosen Malaysia as their home, living in harmony to make our country so much better. There’s this foreign guy who mops the common areas of our office building… his daily greeting always makes my day!”

Malaysia Day. What the Luxe Nomad team loves about Malaysia
Home sweet home. Photo: Pixabay

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