8 Things to Do in Moscow, As Told by Murad Osmann

It’s time to check this one off the bucket list, and after meeting Murad and Nataly Osmann, we’re more inspired than ever. But we wanted insider tips on what tourists really need to see and do — besides drink copious amounts of vodka. Who better than the power couple behind #FollowMe to give us a tour of their hometown?

Behind the scenes with Murad and Nataly

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#1 The Best Place to Stay?

Travelling to St Petersburg instead? There’s a Four Season there too

The luxurious Four Season Hotels Moscow, just steps away from the Kremlin, Red Square and the State Duma.

#2 Food You Have to Try?

A bowl of borscht garnished with dill and a dollop of smetana (sour cream)

Borscht; a beetroot-based soup. Sometimes tomato is used as the main ingredient instead, and you’ll also find varieties like green borscht and white borscht.

#3 Where Should You Go For a Drink?

On the 12th floor of Hotel Peking

Time Out Bar, an unassuming cocktail bar in the historic Stalinist building with a cityscape view of Moscow.

#4 Best Kept Secret?

Nikuda Ne Edem means ‘going nowhere’

A bar called Nikuda Ne Edem on Rochdelskaya street. It looks like a travel agency, but there’s a secret door behind the counter. You have to give them the password which is “We are not going anywhere!”

 #5 When You Feel Like Dancing…

As you can tell, it’s the club to be

Head to Gipsy, located in a confectionery factory complex. The bar has a roof terrace that overlooks the Moscow River and inside, there are some 300 disco balls hanging from the ceiling.

 #6 When in Moscow, Remember to…

Flashing lights: Moscow by night

Have a Russian dictionary with you, as not everyone speaks English.

 #7 What Should We Watch Out For?

Even shopping malls are a sight in the city known for its architecture

Not everyone is nice in Russia, don’t mind the manners of guards in shops.

#8 What’s Worth Getting Out of Bed For? 

The Kremlin

Russian museums and monasteries. Moscow’s best include the Novodevichiy with baroque walls and towers and the The Moscow Kremlin; one of the largest architectural ensembles of the world.

From Russia with love.

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