7 Places More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle (Warning!)

We’ve all heard about the mysterious disappearances of aircrafts and ship vessels at the infamous Bermuda Triangle. From reasonable to ridiculous theories (alien abduction and time warp), no one seems to be able to uncover the secrets that lurk within this phenomenon. For all its mystery, the Bermuda Triangle isn’t the only place that abounds with strange and spooky goings ons. Here is a list of 7 other places that may very well give you goosebumps.

#1 Area 51

Enter on your own risk.
Enter at your own risk.

Location: Southern Nevada, USA

Not too far away from Las Vegas lies a secret military base famously dubbed Area 51. It is now said to be home to a captured fleet of alien flying saucers and alien bodies – after an apparent UFO crash-landing that took place in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico. True or false, we don’t know. But it definitely gives us the creeps.

#2 The Lost City Of Atlantis

Will we find Little Mermaid and her friends there?
Will we find Little Mermaid and her friends there?

Location: Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (apparently).

If no one on earth knows of the exact location, do we still count it as a ‘mysterious place on earth’? Many are convinced that there was once a really peaceful utopia that sank deep into the waters, earning it the name The Lost City Of Atlantis. Feeding speculation, Google earth had a data glitch that created a grid-like pattern on the ocean floor (but has since been deleted)– which was then concluded as the lost streets of Atlantis. Coincidence? That’s for you to decide.

#3 The Superstition Mountains

Up for a brand new season of ‘Lost’, anyone?

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

According to folktale, a man by the name of Jacob Walts uncovered a huge goldmine in the Superstition Mountains and decided to keep it hush hush until he disclosed it to one person right before his death. Since then, despite years of expedition and searching – the mine was never found. While some say the spirits of those who lost their lives in search of the mine haunt the mountains, others insist that the treasures of the mountains are being guarded by creatures called Tuar-Tums, which means little people.

#4 The Nazca Lines

One thing's for sure - the Nazca could draw.
The Nazca were obviously artistically gifted.

Location: Nazca Dessert, Southern Peru

Bearing some of the most phenomenal geoglyphs etched on the surface of earth’s crust, between the town of Nazca and Palpa – about 700 figures of animals made of geometric shapes and straight lines are visible from the skies. These Nazca Lines date back to about 500 B.C., but no one is certain why the prehistoric Nazca culture went through all the hassle to draw those geoglyphs. Apparently, the complex mazes served as a labyrinth – created as a spiritual path.

#5 Lake Anjikuni

Maybe the aliens took the saying 'friends for keeps' a bit too literally - by abducting them?
Maybe the aliens took the saying ‘friends for keeps’ a bit too literally – by abducting them?

Where: Nunavut, Canada

If you think one or two individuals mysteriously vanishing isn’t enough to give you the chills, then here’s what you should know. Lake Anjikuni decided to take things to the next level – the disappearance of an entire village of 2000 people. A trapper named Joe Labelle knew of the existence of the Inuits, so he decided to search for them to take shelter. Upon arrival, he was shocked to find that the entire village had disappeared. Well, food and rifles were left behind – we suppose aliens have no need for those (with their cutting edge technology eg. flying saucers and what not)?

#6 Bridgewater Triangle

What lurks ahead?
If paranormal activities are your thing, then you’ve found your perfect hangout spot!

Location: Southeastern Massachusetts, USA

From what we’ve heard, both the paranormal experts and extraterrestrial beings are very fond of the Bridgewater Triangle. Over the course of time, both parties seem to always make on-site appearances. We kid. Apparently, this place is the breeding ground for the unexplainable – from UFO sightings to spirits, and Bigfoot to strange voices – this place oozes an energy that is unlike any other.

#7 Bennington Triangle

Even the Adams Family would refuse to live here.
Even the Addams Family would refuse to live here.

Location: Southwestern Vermont, USA

The site of 5 mysterious and unsolved disappearances between 1945 to 1950, the Bennington Triangle is definitely not on your vacation destinations list. Paula Welden, an 18 year old from Bennington College, went out hiking on December 1, 1946 and never returned. Fast forward exactly three years later (on the exact same date), James E. Tetford meets the same fate. During a bus ride home, he mysteriously vanishes leaving his luggage on the bus. With so many bizarre disappearances left unsolved, accompanied by a million and one theories, the sign is very clear – stay away from triangles!

Any other mysterious places you know of, Nomads?

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