6 Reasons to Love Sweden

The Internet is abuzz with news that more and more companies in Sweden are adopting the six-hour workday. So apart from its efforts to promote a healthy work-life balance (they have five weeks of vacation every year and paternal leaves, too!), here are the other six reasons to love Sweden, probably our fave Scandinavian nation.

#1 Good Music!

Lykke Li
We think we’re a little bit, little bit. A little bit in love with Lykke

Artists such as ABBA, Lykke Li, Robyn, The Tallest Man on Earth and Jens Lekman all hail from Sweden. We also have the Swedes to thank for music streaming app, Spotify.

#2 Style

Acne Studios backstage
Swedish fashion is all about ‘less is more’

They say you can’t go wrong with the little black dress, but we say you can’t go wrong with a Swedish brand because one instantly achieves cool just by wearing its brands, from H&M to Cheap Monday to Acne Studios to Filippa K.

#3 The Coolest Hotel

Brrr-eathtaking bedroom…

The coolest hotel in the world is in Sweden. Literally. Located in Kiruna, Sweden, the IceHotel is an arctic hotel made completely from ice.

#4 Design Sensibilities

We don’t need a cure for our IKEA addiction

Swedish style is not only limited to fashion. The country is also known for popularising the Scandinavian interior design trend, Wabi-Sabi, as well us bringing us IKEA.

#5 Coffee Culture

Swedes are experts in ‘coffee breaks’

The Swedes are known for their love of coffee (they apparently consume an average of four each day) and even have a term for their undying affection for a good roast. They call it fika, which means to indulge in coffee.

#6 Hot Men

We'd love to "fika" with him
We’d love to “fika” with him

Two words: Skarsgård brothers

Meanwhile, here are more reasons to book a holiday!

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Manila-born journalist Liz Bautista is a self-confessed breakfast-skipper and francophile, who likes to spend her time exploring new places and cultures, watching foreign films and improving her French.

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