5 Holiday Hookups to Avoid

We’ve seen our fair share of holiday hookups, and most of them don’t go over so well, so by all means, get with the scuba divers and the yoga instructors, just don’t go for these 5 holiday hookups.

#1 The cousin

That's still not right is it? Nope.
That’s still not right is it? Nope.

No matter now many times removed, you’re still related so unless you are madly in love (take off them goggles!) don’t move into that territory.

#2 The co-worker

Unless you're Jim and Pam. And even so, look how long that took to pan out!
Unless you’re Jim and Pam. And even so, look how long that took to pan out!

Office parties should be banned. No, alcohol at office parties should be banned. Because then the girl you’ve always thought was ‘quite hot’ becomes the light at the end of an angler fish. You have to have it, a moth to a flame, a mosquito to an electric bug swapper. The only happy ending out of this is if one of you quits.

#3 The best friend of the opposite sex

He'll always be there for you, even when you don't want him to.
There’s nothing that can escape the BFF.

You’ve travelled loads with this guy/girl, and suddenly, the light hits in a different way, and you’re in love. Nope. Unless you’re willing to forsake your entire friendship for one misjudgement, think 47 times before you even look at them in a different way.

#4 The ex

You guys broke up for A REASON.
You guys broke up for A REASON.

What’s worse than the best friend? The ex. The ex that cost you 10 pints of Ben & Jerry’s and a floor full of tissues to get over. Don’t walk 3 steps just to go back another 5.

#5 The lonely heart

Danger is always beautifully presented.
Danger is always beautifully presented.

So you’re off solo and you meet a lonely heart by the bar. She seems harmless, on the rebound and on her own, too. Don’t do it. Desperate hearts will read too much into everything and the chances of this hookup ending well are as good as you winning the lottery with a $2 ticket.

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